Woman Addicted To Eating Dirty Diapers

Many people have addictions that are already well known about and common, for example smoking addiction, drug addiction etc.  But for one woman, her strange but repulsive addiction is sniffing, sucking and chewing dirty diapers!

For 22 year old Keisha, consuming pee filled diapers is a common daily habit.  The dirty diaper sniffing,sucking and chewing addiction is likely to be a result of the pica disorder.

Keyshia’s Fiance Jerome is always finding dirty diapers around the house, and in the car.

Her addiction is so severe she keeps dirty diapers all over the house to feed her addiction.  Dirty diapers in the kitchen, in her bedroom drawers, in her pocket and anywhere she frequents around the house.

For Keisha, the more pee (urine) in the diaper, the better it is.

Keyshia’s diaper addcition started in 2011 when a friend asked her to take a dirty diaper out to the trash can.  Instead, Keyshia kept the diaper and started to sniff it every day, and the sucking and chewing of diapers soon followed.

Keyshia gets her on going supply of dirty diapers from the twins of her friend Kim.  It is not unusual for Keyshia to randomly turn up at Kim’s house, and wake one of the babies up, just to take the dirty diaper off the baby for her addiction.

(Image Sourced from You Tube)

Article written by Wen Dee

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