Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Cell Phone When It’s Charging

Maybe you have heard that you should never sleep with your cell phone, but as is often the case, ‘ Do you actually take notice of it, and actively keep your cell phone away from your bed?’

If you are like most people, you have most likely used and slept with your trusty cell phone device in your bed at some stage.  After all it’s convenient and relaxing to do a few last minute texts, or surf the net when in bed.

(1)  Quite often one will find them selves still indulged on the screen a few hours later, and on the brink of going dozing off, plug the phone in to recharge the device in bed.

(2)  For others – The thought of missing a text is unthinkable, so the cell phone is placed under the pillow to ensure all texts are answered on time throughout the night.

(3)  Some even go to the lengths of always charging their cell phone in bed.

This Is Where the Danger Is…

Even if you have good intentions to put the phone on the draws before you go to sleep, it is not uncommon for one to become drowsy and drift off to sleep while using or charging the phone in bed, and to awake with it in or on the bed the morning.

Secondly cell phones need to be charge in a ventilated area – NOT YOUR BED.  Charging a cell phone in an are that is not adequately ventilated heightens the chances of any device over heating and catching fire.

Earlier this year (2016) there was huge publicity about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being recalled due to the battery in these phones exploding and/or catching fire, due to a large scale faulty battery problem.

The recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had people switching to other brands in an effort to be safer, but many didn’t take into account that any Cell phone, Smart phone,  or Iphone can catch fire.

Cell Phones Have Always
Had the Potential To Catch Fire

In the video above a girl came close to losing her life when she plugged her cell phone in to charge, and placed the phone under her pillow.  She was awoken during the night by a burning smell.

She looked around to see where the smell was coming from, and realized it was coming from her phone under the pillow.

The phone was a mass of melted components, the bed was scorched and the pillow was scorched.

The fire is said to be caused from an after sale battery in the phone.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus Burst Into Flames
While Charging On A Bed

In the (December 2015) video above an Apple Iphone 6 Plus burst into flames while charging on a bed.  Luckily the owner was home and awake at the time, and was alerted by a crackling sound 20 minutes after he had put it on charge.

When the owner, David, got to the phone it was already in flames, the glass was cracked and melted with the sides split open.  He got burnt fingers when he pushed the phone off the bed, then off the carpet and onto a hard surface where he just waited for the fire to die out.

The Best Course Of Action Is To NEVER …

  • Never use or charge your cell phone in, on or near your bed.
  • Never charge your cell phone on or near a flammable surface.
  • Don’t leave your cell phone and go out when it is charging.
  • Always keep the cell phone in a well ventilated area EG.  Not under a pillow or blankets, hand bags, or in pockets.
  • Always read the manufacturers safety leaflet before using an electronic device.

Please also note that electronic devices can explode due to overheating even when they are not being charged.

The above applies to any mobile device, Cell phone, Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone etc.

Article written by Wen Dee

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