What To Do Before You Have A Psychic Reading

A good psychic reading can be very empowering.  There are steps you can take to get the best out of your reading.  The first thing to do is choose a psychic.

Some times this is easier said than done.  There are many  fake psychics out there that give the psychic profession a bad name.

Quite often word of mouth is a good way to find a good psychic.  We also have a list of tips ‘Ask A Psychic Yes or No‘, to help you to choose a good psychic.

How To Prepare For Your Psychic Reading

It can be quite exciting or emotional when you have a reading. Especially if its your first reading.

(1) Make a list of questions you want to ask the psychic.  Be clear on what you want clarity about.

Or you could choose to sit back and let the the psychic talk.  If you do this, don’t be shy, ask for clarification on what they say, if you need it.

What to do before you get a psychic reading(2)  Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down the answers you get. (Some psychics will record the reading for you)

(3)  Make sure you will have no distractions. If you have access to a proper phone (landline) – use it.

If you are using your cell phone to have a phone reading, make sure you have good reception and a fully charged battery first.

If you have children, ask someone to babysit them.

(4) RELAX: If you are feeling nervous, this is very common, particularly if this is your first reading.  BUT it is very important to relax, and be open minded to what may be revealed in your reading.

It is very important

to relax and be…

Open minded to what may,

Be revealed in your reading.

Psychic readings are are all about energies.  If the energies are not flowing, you won”t get the best out of the reading.

Lack of energy flow is a bit like trying to drive a car with no fuel.

Tell the psychic you are nervous, and if need be just start of with chit chat first.

A good psychic will be able to put you at ease.  After all, they are used to people being nervous.  It’s more common than you think.

NEVER have a reading if you have been drinking (are drunk), or have been using recreational drugs.  This can cause bad energies during the reading.

If you are intoxicated, wait for at least 24 hours before you have the reading.

If you are scared you may be told something you don’t want to hear: Sometimes things may come up in the reading that you don’t want to hear.

Life is not always plain sailing.  We all have ups and downs.  If something bad, or something you don’t want to hear comes up in your reading, try to be open minded.

Ask the psychic if there is anything you can do to stop this hard to deal with thing from happening.

If the situation has already happened – Ask the psychic what the best course of action is for you to take.  You could be quite surprised how uplifting this advice/clarification is in situations like this.

(5) If you are feeling a bit skeptical about your psychic:

Some psychic professionals offer a short free reading so you can decide if you want a reading with them or not.

Make sure your first question can reveal things about you that no one would otherwise know, or that only people that know you know.


For example you could ask:  “Do I currently live alone?”  or  What do I look like?” or “What your favorite food is?”

This is a good way to know if the psychic has actually tuned into you.  

(6)  If the psychic asks you a question to enable him/her to answer your questions – be brief in your replies, so the psychic doesn’t base your reading on mere observations based on what you say.

What To Do After Your Psychic Reading

After you psychic reading you may be feeling overwhelmed, joyful, empowered or confused.

It’s important to reflect on your reading.

(1)  Look at the notes you took during the reading.  While things are still fresh in your mind, add any extra notes that you may not have included during the reading.

(2)  Feeling confused after the reading: Sometimes things don’t always make sense to you at the time of the reading.  This is actually quite common.

Try not to worry about this as at some point and time, something will happen in your life, and you will have that aha moment when you remember what the psychic said, and understand what it meant.

(3) Feeling upset or angry: If you were told some bad news, or something you didn’t want to hear you may be left feeling upset or angry.

Try not to focus too much on this. Instead concentrate on the advice you were given in regards to this issue.

Remember life is full of lessons and ups and downs.  Change brings about growth and new beginnings.

Definitely do step 4 below.

What to do before and after a psychic reading(4)  Get grounded: Whether you feel overwhelmed, upset, confused or excited it is important to ground yourself after a reading.

Your emotions can be all over the place after a reading.

Going for a walk in nature or meditating can be a good way to ground yourself.

(5)  Make Positive Changes:

The insight and clarity a psychic reading can give, can be life changing, even when you are told something you don’t want to hear.

Use the insight the reading gave you to make positive uplifting changes in your life.

END NOTE: Psychic readings are not always 100% accurate.  Psychics are only human just like you are.  Sometimes a psychic can mis-interpret what the spirits are telling them, and translate an incorrect or, partially incorrect message to you.

Just like you, psychics and spirit guides can have off days and not perform as well as usual.

The predictions the psychic made during your reading is based on whats around you at the time.  As you make you own choices in life, the predictions can change.

Every choice we make in life has a flow on effect of changing situations and mindsets around us.

For example:  You may have been unhappy in your current job when you had the reading.  You ask the psychic if this will change.

The psychic tells you things will get better in this job.  Then later you suddenly get a good job offer and leave this job as you are still unhappy in this job.

Predicted time frames:  Many psychics will try to predict time frames for certain things to happen in your life.

Time frames are hard to predict and most of the time inaccurate.  This doesn’t mean the psychic is fake.

To get a more in-depth explanation on this SEE: Can A Psychic Predict Time Frames When Something Will Happen

If you have never had a reading before we have some helpful tips about what to expect during a psychic reading, and how to tell if the psychic is likely to be fake:  See Ask A Psychic Yes Or No


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