What Nail Salons Don’t Want You To Know

Nail salon owner and technician Athena Elliott goes under cover to expose shocking health hazards in Nail Salons today.   She uncovers  the truths that most nail salons don’t want you to know about.

Having pretty nails is a growing trend.  You can chose to do it yourself, or pamper yourself and go to a nail salon.  After all you deserve a treat – right?

BUT how much is this treat for self really going to cost you?

Ladies – You just want to make sure first – that your treat doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare!

According to insider Athena Elliott – When it comes to nail salons – There is danger everywhere.

The Potential for INFECTION is

Greater than People Realize

Athena Elliott rates nail salons on her website safesalonrating.com

She feels this is a necessity as too many nail salons take shortcuts that put customers at risk.  Nail pedicures/manicures and treatments is a lucrative business generating millions of dollars, and too many salons take shortcuts.

Investigators Have Found:

  • Dirty tools
  • Dirty tubs

Fungus, ecoli and other deadly bacteria often live inside dirty tubs.  These can cause Cuticle infections, Finger herpes, Staph, MRSA and more.

20/20 did an investigation for themselves using hidden camera’s in eyes glasses, bags and even in a water bottle.  The result was shocking!


They went Under Cover in New York and Houston

The Result will Shock You!

They witnessed many germ spreading techniques done by the nail technicians.

(1) One nail technician used a cotton ball with nail polish remover on her own nails, then used the same cotton ball on a customer.

(2)  An unclean already used nail buffer was used on one of the undercover crew.  You could tell it had been used because it had remnants on it that clearly looked like someone else’s nail filings.

Doing this is a big NO NO.  Nail buffers are meant to be used once only – Then discarded.

(3)  Nail salons are meant to be cleaned and disinfected regularly.  The undercover crew took a lot of swabs in the nail salon and sent them to the lab, to see how clean it actually is.

  • One foot bath had 28 million fecal bacteria from feces.
  • A pedicure towel was found to have Staph on it.  If you have a break in your skin, any staph present can easily enter into your body.

(4)  Worst of all some nail technicians were caught using illegal instruments.

  • In one instance a technician was using a razor blade known as a Credo blade to remove a clients callouses.  Credo blades are dangerous when used by the wrong person.  In many states a Credo blade is illegal, unless used by a registered healthcare professional or Podiatrist.
  • Another technician was caught using a home improvement Dremel tool on her clients feet.  Of all things it was a rotary device designed to drill and sand wood!  Not a tool you would want used on your feet.

    This was NOT a one off occurrence, the same salon was caught using the Dremel tool on clients a week later.


Soon after this, the investigative team went inside the salon for answers.  The owner of the salon wasn’t there, so they approached one of the employee’s with the video footage of a Dremel tool being used on clients.

Kim the employee they approached, lied and said she doesn’t use this tool on clients.

How ever, she changed her story when the employee next to here was recognized as the girl using the Dremel tool in the video footage.

Now she claimed that customers like it! When it was pointed out to her that it is against regulations, she claimed she was not doing anything wrong, but would stop using it.

So How Do Regulators Deal With Salon Violations

Salon inspector Joanna Yodey from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology visited the nail salon to do a routine inspection.

She also came across dangerously dirty pedicure tubs, and nail buffers that had been used multiple times.

The inspector doesn’t have the authority to shut the nail salon down.  The most she can do is give them a fine.

Insider Athena Elliott also states that flash looking expensive nail salons can be just as dirty as the cheaper ones.  Another words, ‘If you pay for an expensive manicure – It doesn’t mean the salon is clean or safe’.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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