What Are Spirit Guides?

Everyone has spirit guides.  We all need guidance and this is what they do.   They not only guide us through various stages of life, they also protect and teach us.

What are spirit guides and what do they doSpirit guides are incorporeal beings (have no material existence), but have lived on earth before, often many times before.

Guides can be masculine or feminine.

They bring a lot of wisdom and perspective from the many lives they have lived in the past.

The best thing is, they have no hidden agenda.  They are there to help you on your soul journey.

Your guides chose you.  They will never control you or lead you, but they do guide you through your mind (intuition), and give audible messages, and/or messages through visions.

Example of sudden knowingness:  Have you ever been unsure what do do about something, and then suddenly you have a good idea about it (often when you may not be thinking about it)?

Have you ever had a bad feeling about a person you meet, but continued to associate with them,  then later regretted having them in your life because they have deceived you?  These gut feelings and inner knowingness,  are just another way your spirit guides guide you.

At first you may be unsure if it is your guides trying to communicate with you, or wonder if you are just imagining it, or even being paranoid. Trust the process.  The more you go by your gut feelings and inner knowingness, the stronger these feelings will get.

As you go down your spiritual path, and practice meditation regularly, the more in-tune you will get to what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

We are born with one primary guide that is with us through out our complete life time,  and have  many other secondary guides, that come in and out of our lives.

There are different levels, and types of guides.  Secondary guides are sent to us to help with various issues/situations during our life, and then leave.

The Primary Spirit Guide

The primary guide knows what your life purpose is. They understand you, and the things you came here to learn in this life-time.

This guide is with you through out your life time, knows you on a soul level, and is likely to have lived in a past life with you.  Some people have two primary guides.

Secondary Spirit Guides

Secondary guides can still be very connected to you.

The secondary guides come and go depending on what it is your are wanting to learn consciously or subconsciously.  You will have endless secondary guides coming in and out of your life during your life time.

For example: If you are going through a phase where you need a lot of self confidence, the right guide will be sent to you to help you ground this.  If you are trying to get more creative, a guide with a lot of creativity experience will come to you (connect with you), to help you connect to your unique creativity.

There are different categories and types of guides.

Guides have many different specialties and can fall into categories such as being a nun, monk, famous artist, poet, an ancestor or even a totem animal. 

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The animal spirits cannot talk but are known to be good communicators telepathically.  They often bring good knowledge.

Some of your guides may have known you in a past life.

Sometimes this type of guide chooses to help you because you did something good for them in a past life.

Quite often they will still see you as the person they used to know, rather than the person you are now.

When you open your Cosmic consciousness you can also have cosmic (E.T) type guides.  In other words, guides that are beings beyond earth.  You begin to see these entities through a frequency band you become aware of.  A lot of people in this frequency call themselves a Star Seed.

The types of spirit guides is endless, as it depends on what you need to learn.

It’s also worth noting…

Angels are not quite the same as Spirit guides.

Angels have a very high spiritual energy.  However, they are not the same as spirit guides.  This is largely due to their lower level of earthly experience.

This is not to say that they cannot give you some guidance, but their specialty is more about being very loving and protective of you to remind you, you are divine.

Why Can’t I Connect With My Spirit Guides?

Fear is the biggest thing that will prevent you from connecting with your guides.

The more FEAR you have about the unknown, about spirit guides and about connecting – the more difficult it will be to connect.

If you have fear, your higher self and spirit guides will view your energy as not stable enough to hold a higher energy.

Try to approach your spiritual journey with a sense of wonder, adventure and gratitude, rather than fearing it.  If you are finding it hard to get past your fear/anxieties, meditate more often.

If you are new to meditation you may want to see – Quick Five Minute Anxiety Reduction Meditation

Don’t be Shy – Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help:

Your guides will deliver if you ask.  To make things easier on an energetic level, after you have asked your question, visualize what you want the outcome to be.


You can do this any time, but if you are still having trouble, try asking your question just before you go to sleep, when you are relaxed.  Take note of your dreams, as spirit can bring you messages through dreams or symbols while you sleep.

In the morning when you wake up, write down the details of any dreams you remember, or anything that just pops into your mind upon waking (an inner knowingness feeling).   The answers you get here will be significant in some way to what you need to know.

If you don’t get any answers the first few times, don’t fret over it.  Just keep asking for help/guidance. It will come.

As you go down your spiritual path, learn to trust, and practice meditation regularly, the more in-tune you will get to what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

Article written by Wen Dee

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