What Are GMO Foods?

GMO - Gentically modified foods and what they doGMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are a growing concern to the future of good health for human beings.

Would you know if you are eating a GMO food?  The answer is highly likely to be NO!

Many countries don’t require food manufactures to label foods as containing GMO, while other countries don’t require GMO labeling if the GMO content is less than a certain amount within the product.

Even if labeling includes the information stating that GMO is within the product, it’s not likely to say what type of genetically modified organism is within the product.

This could be fatal to someone that has a severe allergy problem.

Even though not enough time has gone by, and a lack of sufficient studies to prove the long-term safety of genetically modified food hasn’t been acquired yet

Many food giants, governments and legislators across the globe are touting GMO’s as – ‘The best way to stop a food shortage and make more nutritious foods.’

In the meantime many scientists that have proved the damages and risks associated with GMO, have been shunned or stopped from making this knowledge public.

Genetically modified foods are known as:

  • GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms
  • GE or GEF- Genetically Engineered/Food
  • GMF’s – Genetically Modified Foods

Approximately 60 – 80% of food consumers eat today has been genetically modified.

What are Genetically Modified Foods?

Genetically modified foods are crops, plants and animals that have had their DNA altered with genetically modified organisms for agricultural and nutritional reasons.

In 1946 Joshua Lederberg and Edward L. Tatum made the discovery that one DNA species could be transferred to another.

Genetically modified organisms are made in a laboratory, and are created when the DNA gene from one species is injected into a completely different species to form a type of plant or food that is not natural (does not exist in nature), or is not created by traditional cross-breeding.

These modified organisms can be derived from chemical based compounds, plant DNA, animal DNA, various bacteria and diseases.

Since further developments in 1994,  chemical companies and food companies have jumped in on this idea and soon started to make billions of dollars, selling their product as safe, and the answer to the worlds food problems because their genetically engineered products create…

  • Disease resistant fruit & vegetables
  • Weather resistant crops
  • Herbicide resistant crops – So farmers can chemically spray their crops
  • Livestock Growth Hormones – for better farming productivity


Rice, peas, corn, soy, milk, seeds, salmon, various fruits and vegetables and many of your favorite takeaway foods are just a small portion of food types that are known to often contain GMO.

As time goes by this list is getting longer, and it is quite noticeable that as GMO foods multiply across the food chains.

The rising figures of populations across the globe are getting sicker, particularly with illnesses such as autism, auto-immune diseases, infertility, various birth defects, growth defects and allergies, including multiple chemical sensitivity.

Genetically Modified Foods Look the same, Smell the same and often Taste the same, as NON GMO Foods

UK Scientist, Arpad Pusztai was a world renowned expert on food safety, who worked at UK’s leading food safety research lab, the Rowett institute.

He got world wide media attention in August 1998, when he said in British TV that he would not eat genetically engineered food because of the insufficient scientific testing.

In 1999, he published a study about potential dangers of genetically modified potatoes in The Lancet.

Arpad Pusztai findings revealed…

  • When rats ate genetically modified potatoes, they developed cancer cells in their intestinal tract and their brain.

The food industry and big GMO companies quickly accused him of giving fraudulent information in his study, and ruined his career so they could carry on making billions of dollars – at the expense of public health and the environment.

Monsanto in Missouri is one of the largest companies to supply farmers with GMO seeds.

It is said that some of the employees from Monsanto won’t drink GMO milk, because the growth hormone (rBGH) that is injected into milk producing cows, has been proven to have cancer forming properties.

Many skeptics and various scientists (that are usually silenced) don’t believe the scientists doing it, understand just what the true outcomes are likely to be long-term.  DNA is the blue print all living things have and is very complex.

The GMO procedure is open to extremely risky outcomes as it scrambles the natural DNA organisms, which results in changes in the behavior and characteristics of the once natural organism.

On top of this, there is also going to be a risk of human error during the GMO procedure that can also lead to more devastating outcomes.

One example of this was in 1985 when scientists injected pigs with human growth hormones, hoping to produce pigs that grew bigger and faster.  The new born pigs turned out infertile and severely deformed!

Many genetically modified organisms contain allergens.  This enhances your risk of getting various allergies, which can cause rashes, multiple chemical sensitivity, diarrhea, respiratory problems and even lead to death for some people.

What is scary, is once you have consumed a GMO food and become allergic to it, avoiding the GMO food you reacted to may not necessarily stop you experiencing the allergic reaction.

Once you have been exposed, the GMO DNA can make it into your own DNA and integrate itself into your genetic makeup.

The best way to avoid GMO foods is to buy organic products.

Article written by Wen Dee

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