Watch Her Reaction When Her Boyfriend Proposes In A Packed Movie Theater

Musician and young film maker Liam Cooper from South Sydney, Australia wanted to do something extra special for his marriage proposal to his child hood sweetheart Amy Smith.


He got a bunch of friends together, including Amy’s father and made his proposal in a video clip, and organised a special screening to happen at Union Cinemas in Shellharbour, New South Wales when out on a double date with Amy’s sister and brother and law.

As the movie theater began to fill up with friends and family in the back ground and unsuspecting movie goers sitting in the theater seats, Liam excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Shortly afterwards, the movie clip of Liam lip-synching and acting out to the story line of the song Rude by U.S band Magic, appeared on the big screen.

By Now Amy Knew there was More to Come.

As the proposal clip came to an end, the theater lights were turned on and an immaculately dressed Liam, holding flowers, made his way down the isle to Amy’s seat.

He got down on one leg and popped the question.  A rather embarrassed, but ecstatically happy Amy said, “Yes”.

Liam then pointed out that he had secretly sneaked many of their friends and family into the theater to witness the proposal.

(Image above sourced from U-tube)

Article by Wen Dee

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