Warning Signs Of Prescription Drug Addiction

Most people are well aware of drug addiction caused by illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine etc, but there is a shocking rise in people becoming addicted to prescribed medications.

prescription drug addiction has reached epeidemic levels

Some fall victim innocently, while others start off naturally feeling able to cope with the pain now gone, but get into the habit of taking more of the prescribed drug to feel even more energetic.

If prescription drugs are taken strictly as the doctor prescribed, and your doctor monitors you closely while on these drugs, the chances of becoming addicted should be relatively low.

Unfortunately, the rising epidemic of prescription drug addiction reflects many people are not sticking to the correct usage of the prescribed drugs, and in many cases doctors are not always monitoring or able to monitor the patient adequately.

There is also an epidemic of prescription drugs being readily available on the streets, resulting in many trying these drugs and getting hooked on the high or effects the drug gives them.

For this reason it is important to know the signs to look out for…

Warning Signs Of Prescription Drug Addiction

  • Increased Usage –  Sometimes when someone has been on a drug for a period of time, the body can get used to the drug, resulting in the drug becoming less effective for pain relief.  This can quickly turn into addiction for stronger drugs.
  • Continued use of the drug – Even when the condition it was prescribed for has ceased, you still want to be on the drug.
  • Often complaining about symptoms in a vague way – This is often done as the user is wanting to get another prescription for the drug.
  • Becoming secretive/deceitful – Once the addiction takes hold the user will often try to get the drug from various doctors, illegally off the street or from the internet.  The addicted user is often thinking about the drug and is not interested in alternative treatments for the ailment the drug was originally for.
  • Personality changes – Depending on what type of prescription drug the user is taking, will depend on what type of  changes will become prominent.  Changes in energy levels, mood, and concentration levels are quite common.
  • Priorities change – Daily responsibilities may often be put aside as the user tries to find ways to get more of the drug for adequate relief of what it was prescribed for, or need extra time to travel longer distances to obtain the drug.  Side effects of taking too much of the drug can also result in an inability to do daily tasks adequately.  Calling in sick for school or work becomes a regular thing.
  • Using drugs prescribed for others Stealing prescribed medications from others, or getting others to get a prescription for them.
  • Withdraw from Society – Become distant with friends, family and work colleagues.  This usually includes regularly cancelling out on sports, hobbies or social events they were once interested in.
  • Financial problems – Due to extra money being needed to purchase the drugs.  In some cases the user will steal to get the money needed for the drugs.

Short Stories from Prescription Drug Addicts

The most common type of drugs people become addicted to are pain relief drugs.  If you feel you or a loved one may be becoming addicted to prescribed drugs, seek medical advice promptly.

There are also many rehabilitation programs and centers in most areas that are trained to help those with prescription drug addiction – Tips On How To Choose The Right Prescription Drug Rehab Center.

Article written by Wen Dee

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