Strengths & Weaknesses for Virgo

You are a Virgo if your Birth Date

Falls on or Between:

August 23rd to September 22nd


Symbol: The Virgin Gathering Wheat

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Opposite Sign: Pisces

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 3

House Ruled: Sixth House

Lucky Gemstone: Sapphire

Color: Navy blue, grey

Keywords: I analyze

Part of the Body Ruled by Virgo: The intestines and nerves

Strong Past Life Influences: Lives spent in solitary confinement in monasteries, hospitals or prisons.

What Virgo Needs to Learn: To not be a victim

Characteristics of Virgo

Virgos’, you are practical and strive to develop accomplishment and perfection.

Like the symbol of the virgin holding a staff of wheat, you know the importance of healthy nutrition. You don’t like sloppiness as you like to be neat.

Worry can over take you if things are not precise.  You can come across to others as being a finicky eater and obsessed with cleanliness as at times you have a tendency to act like a hypochondriac.

You love to keep busy and are good at being attentive to details and know how to be meticulous.

You are prudent, thorough, sensible and do not waste time, energy or resources. Nothing seems to slip your eye. Resulting in an efficiency that gets the job done fast, with great skill.
You are annoyed by disruptions and do not enjoy having to deal with events that disturb your daily routine.

As long as you feel appreciated and needed you don’t mind being alone.

You are a good friend to have, always ready to help others in need and a very sympathetic listener, with a unique way of drawing information from people.

A delight to talk with, often convincing others of outlandish tales in a charming way.  Also very devoted in a relationship.

How ever your good nature can easily be taken advantage of.  You have a tendency to take too much on, and need to learn to evaluate the situation before you take things on.

Once you are out of balance you can become short-tempered, impatient and self-serving.

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