Told He Would Never Walk Un-Aided Again – Yoga Proved Doctors Wrong

After too many jumps as a paratrooper during the Gulf war took it’s toll on his back and knees, 47 year old Ex veteran Arthur was told he would never walk un-aided again.   Due to his injury he started to rapidly gain the pounds that lead to a weight of 297 pounds.

He couldn’t walk or run, so exercise was the last thing on his mind.  Having 2 sisters that did yoga, he thought he may give yoga a try, but due to his injuries…


Until yoga instructor Diamond Dallas saw his story.  Instead of instantly saying NO to Arthur like the others had, he came up with a routine to help Arthur.

So the hard work began.  Determined to shed the pounds and walk un-aided again, Arthur committed himself to his Yoga routine.  He fell many times, but got back up and kept trying anyway.

He Reached the Point of Believing He Would Walk Un-aided Again

His determination and persistence started to pay off as he experienced short spells of being able to stand without his sticks.  His mindset was “Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can’t so it some other day”.

The excess weight he was carrying started to drop off him, he lost 140 pounds in 10 months.

As Arthur continued  doing yoga the short spells of being able to stand un-aided, turned into a happy man that can now walk and run just like any other human being – with out sticks!

We hope you enjoyed this heart warming story of a strong man that fought the odds and carried on anyway.

Article brought to you by Wen Dee

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