The Shittie APP: Get Someone To Pick Up Your Dogs Poop On Demand

If  you are one of those dog owners that just can’t stand picking up your dogs poop, the ‘Pooper app’ is an app you will be interested in.

The ‘Pooper App’, organizes to send someone along to pick up your dogs poop.

This App which recently started to be marketed, but is not yet ready has created a lot of skepticism, with many thinking it is some kind of joke.

As much as it sounds like some kind of a joke, the Poop App Co-founder Ben Becker has told the Washington Post that he and the Pooper App are sincere.


The Pooper App – Get Someone Else To Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Ben said, “I am a real human being and dog owner”, and added the other co-founder Elliot Glass is also a legit dog dad.

These two tech minded guys, Ben the integrated creative director, and Elliot the web designer and developer, believe there is a problem with too much dog poop being left on streets in America, and simply want to fix the problem.


All you do is:

Make sure you take your smart phone on the walk with you

Take a Picture of the poop and send it to Pooper

The Pooper tracks the location of the poop via the integrated map, and sends someone to pick up your dogs poop.

You will get notified when the poop has been picked up, and your payment is automated.


Just carry on, on your walk with ROVER while someone else takes care of the smelly stuff.


Currently the Pooper App is still in the making and is already proving to be popular, as it has already got hundreds of sign ups for both Pooper customers, and Poop employees.

Article written by Wen Dee (August 2016)

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