Teen Shocked As Birthday Cake Threw Out A Fireball

Well we all know how nerve racking it can be when everyone is sitting around singing the Happy Birthday song, as you sit there not really knowing what to do, hoping they will hurry up and finish with the singing.

The second thing on your mind is most likely to be hoping you can blow all the candles out in one go, to avoid bearing the brunt of any jokes.

When it became time to blow the birthday cake candles out for this young teen…

It Turned Out to be an Experience that

No One at the Table Would Forget!


It so happened that Mum had put her special touch on the cake, as Mum’s do, and dusted the cake with chocolate icing sugar before she carried it out to the birthday boy.

When he went to blow out the burning candles, he created puffs of icing sugar clouds, that ignited and turned into a fireball.

This could have caused some serious injuries, but luck was on the boy’s side, and he managed to come off unharmed.

I guess he will always be a bit hesitant in the future when it comes to blowing out candles.  You can’t blame him for that.

Article written by Wen Dee

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