Stroke Effects Reversed – A Breakthrough Cure

Millions of people around the world experience Chronic neurological dysfunction after a stroke. Effects and the depth of effects can vary from person to person, as a lot depends on what type of stoke was experienced, and what part of the brain was damaged.  The effects can be physical and/or cognitive/emotional.

Dr Edward Tobinick at the Institute of Neurological Recovery has given many stroke patients a new life, with his technique of administering enbrel into the spinal cord.

A Miracle Break Through – Many Stroke Patients Rapidly Regain their…

Mobility, Cognitive/emotional function,

Now Live a Life Without Pain

Stroke patients are often put through a series of tests and treatments to help them recover. While many have great success in recovery with various long-term treatments, it does not work for everyone.


A Look at Dr Tobinicks Break Through Method for Stroke Patients

For over a decade Dr Edward Tobinick and his team at the Institute of Neurological Recovery (INR) have worked on methods, to give a better quality of life to patients with chronic brain dysfunction after stroke, brain injury, alzheimer’s disease and neuropathic pain.

Their breakthrough findings have been with a drug called Enbrel, also known as Entanercept – a drug commonly injected just under the skin for patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, Chrones disease, Psoriasis &Asthma.

This breakthrough with entanercept via injection into the spinal cord has shown astounding results. Within minutes, many stroke patients have regained their once lost mobility, cognitive/emotional function, as well as becoming pain free.

Scientists and medical professionals from all over the world have viewed the many research publications by INR, with many also visiting the INR to learn the technique.  While some medical professionals view this as an unorthodox treatment – The patients strongly disagree…



A Look at the Etanercept Spinal Injection Method

Linda suffered a stroke in September 2010 and lost the use of her left side as well as loosing her ability to speak properly.  After  receiving traditional stroke therapy, she was able to walk a little, but was told there was nothing else that could be done for her remaining effects.
In 2014 Linda traveled to Florida to receive Dr Tobinicks controversial treatment…

Linda’s miracle recovery with entanercept via spinal injection 21-27 January 2014

In addition to treating patients in the United States and Canada, Dr Tobinick has also treated patients (that fit the criteria) from various parts of the world such as, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.


  • Etanercept is FDA approved for other uses – BUT is off-label for the uses of stroke recovery
  • Results vary from patient to patient.
  • Some patients may need multiple doses to maintain improvement
  • This procedure doesn’t work for everyone

Contact details for the Institute of Neurological Recovery


History of the Etanercept Spinal Injection

February 2011:
Three patients were tested (off-label) with a single dose of etanercept, administered by injection into the spine.  This is known as  an entanercept perispinal injection.
These stroke patients had this single dose injection at varying time frames after the onset of the stroke  – 13, 25, 36 months since stroke.
Within 10 minutes of the single entanercept dose – All three had a rapid improvement with…

  • Cognition
  • Chronic Neurological dysfunction
  • Reduction in intractable post stroke pain

Each patient received an additional entanercept perispinal injection 22-26 days after the first one. Additional improvements were again evident.

December 2012
An observational study was published in relation to 629 patients that were treated off-label with the perispinal etanercept  This study included…

  •  617 stroke patients – around 42 months after the stroke
  • 12 patients of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Again significant and rapid improvements were seen in the stroke patients.

View full study – Perispinal Etanercept for Post-Stroke Neurological and Cognitive Dysfunction: Scientific Rationale and Current Evidence


Article written by Wen Dee: 

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