Some Doctors Recommend E-cigarettes As A Quit Smoking Aid

In most countries E-cigarettes are not allowed to be sold or promoted as a stop smoking aid.  This is largely due to the debate of how safe E-cigarettes are.  Many researchers agree that E-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, due to E-cigarettes not containing the thousands of deadly chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do.

Another debate is “How efficient are electronic cigarettes in helping the smoker to stop smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes?”

Well you only need to jump onto the internet to see the glowing reports from ex smokers on their success stories on how they quit smoking quickly and easily, without the dreaded side effects many have experienced with other smoking cessation products that never worked for them.

The reflection of this is why many doctors now recommend E-cigarettes as a quit smoking aid.

Survey results of some Doctors in North Carolina

One study done in 2013 in North Carolina, randomly picked 787 doctors to give their opinions on e-cigarettes being used as a smoking cessation product, via an email survey.  128 (31%) doctors responded to the survey.  Interestingly the results from the respondents showed…

  • 67% indicated that e-cigarettes are a helpful aid for smoking cessation
  • 35% stated they recommended them to patients

The doctors that recommended them to their patients also said they usually only did this if the patient asked about e-cigarettes, or when the physician believed they were safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The authors of this study believed this was the only study done on physician attitudes towards e-cigarettes at the time.

Real-world Effectiveness of E-cigarettes when
Used to Aid
Smoking Cessation

(A cross-sectional population study 2014 – England)

This study was funded by Cancer Research UK, and was aimed to assess the effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used as a smoking cessation aid, compared to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) bought over-the-counter or using no aid at all (what smokers often refer to as going cold turkey) quitting in the general population.

This study strongly reflects that E-cigarettes show promise as a smoking cessation tool.

5863 participants took part in this survey.  All chosen participants…

  • Had been smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes over the past 12 months
  • Had made at least 1 attempt to quit smoking within the past twelve months, using an E-cigarette, or an over the counter nicotine replacement aid, or no aid at all.

The results showed smokers who have attempted to stop without professional support and those who use e-cigarettes are more likely to stop smoking than those who used a licensed nicotine replacement therapy aid.

END NOTE:  In most studies done on e-cigarettes being used as a smoking cessation product, the majority of researchers have commented more studies are needed to confirm e-cigarettes are effective to a smoker wanting to quit the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

At the same time, many EX smokers thoroughly recommend  E-cigarettes as the only product that helped them to give up smoking cigarettes successfully.   It is also worth noting that various studies have shown that E-cigarettes are less addictive than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Most professionals agree that while the verdict on how safe e-cigarettes are is not clear yet, e-cigarettes do not contain the most harmful chemicals that cause major health diseases like the traditional cigarettes do.

Article written by Wen Dee:

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