Smokers Lungs Look Like This – Time To Quit Smoking

Smokers lungs look like black sponges compared to the healthy pink color of a non-smoker.

Smokers Lungs Look Like ThisAlthough smokers know smoking can cause damage to their lungs and life threatening diseases, the addiction of smoking has a way of being more important to the smoker than what any long term health effects may be.

This is often difficult for loved ones and non-smokers to understand, but this is what smoking addiction does to a smoker.

For most smokers the bad effects of smoking are not always obvious until many years down the track, so the mind-set is, ‘Why worry about it now.  It may never happen’.

This Attitude often Changes when the Smoker…

  • Cannot breath properly
  • Is diagnosed with a life threatening disease caused from smoking, or has a stroke or heart attack


The fear of not being able to give up smoking also plays on the smokers mind as many confirm it is very hard to successfully quit smoking, with many unable to cope with the withdrawal effects from quitting the smokes.  However, there is a rising amount of  ex-smokers now claiming quitting smoking is easy, and they marvel over the fact of quitting successfully without withdrawal effects or weight gain – See their stories here.

A smoker may smoke for many years before they experience major difficulty of breathing.   In many smokers it starts with a little wheezing now and again and eventually develops into puffing when doing daily physical tasks, that normally wouldn’t cause them to puff or wheeze.

What A Smokers Lungs Look Like – Demonstration

As seen in the video above, the smokers lungs look like a hard black sponge compared to a non-smokers more healthy pink looking lungs.

The blackness in the smokers lungs is caused from breathing in the sooty tar smoke and chemicals from cigarette smoking.

Over time, this soot build up results in difficulty in breathing, and will always get worse if the smoker continues to smoke.  This can result in forms of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) that in many cases cannot be reversed.

It Doesn’t Take Long for the Lungs to Turn Black from Smoking

If you are a smoker and think your lungs are not being effected, try this technique to see just how much sooty tar you actually breath in with just one puff of a cigarette…

(1) Light a cigarette and take one puff

(2) Now look at the filter on the end.  You will see the tar soot there already.

(3) Now – Get a clean white tissue

(4)  Place this tissue over the filter end of the cigarette

(5)  Take another puff of the cigarette

(6)  Now remove the tissue and have a close look at it.  You will notice a spot with a dirty looking browny/black substance on it.

Now that you have seen just how much sooty tar gunk goes into your lungs with just one puff, imagine how much is going into your body when you smoke a whole cigarette, or a life time of endless packets of cigarettes.

Live DEMO of The Lungs While Smoking

The outcome is quite grim, and it is easy to see how over time, inhaling the tar and various chemicals from smokes can build up to effect you.

If you are a smoker that has tried countless times to give up smoking with no success either by using, patches, gum, various other forms of nicotine replacement therapy, or the cold turkey method…


You may want to try reading the book Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking.  This book has helped millions of smokers give up smoking easily – even for heavy smokers.  See the Countless success stories from ex smokers that used the Allen Carr Method


Article written by Wen Dee

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