Smart Meters Can be Used As Surveillance Devices

Utility/power companies around the globe have been installing digital SMART meters in/on consumers homes and in the work place, often without the consumers consent.

In many countries consumers are told they have no say, as various governments have passed legislation to make it a mandatory requirement, that every home and work place has to have a Smart meter.

 If you are Not Concerned about Having a Smart Meter

Installed on your Property…


Consumers are told that SMART meters accurately measure (from a remote location), time of day power, water and gas usage.  Consumers are also told Smart meters are safe, even though there is a growing amount of reports of Smart meters exploding and causing fires, as well as consumers getting very sick after the Smart meter has been installed.

Unfortunately, smart meters are able to become surveillance devices that monitor the behavior of the customers, leading to invasions of consumer privacy.

High-resolution energy consumption data is transmitted to the utility company allowing intrusive identification and monitoring of equipment within consumers’ homes.

By studying the peaks, spikes and troughs of your daily power usage, utility firms can determine what time you get up, when you are out of the house, on holiday, what time you go to bed and if there are patterns of unusual power usage.

Selling the data gathered by “Smart Meters”

Could potentially offer another income stream to any company,

With access to the data – As well as the legal right to sell such data.

It is interesting to note that many utility/power provider companies legally claim ownership of data accumulated by the smart meters in their customers homes and businesses.

In some countries this ownership information is included in the terms and conditions agreement.  Terms and conditions that are often written in small print that providers know many consumers don’t bother to read.

The SMART Meter Works as a Surveillance Device

By Freedom activist – Jerry Day

The smart meter can do so much more than record your power usage.

There is also a growing concern as more electronic technologies around the home are becoming inserted with microchips, enabling a wireless connection that can enable your Smart meter to be able to monitor: Which appliances are being used, time of day they are being used and how long they are being used for, the brand of the appliance and how often you use it, as well as knowing what television programs you watch etc.

This information reflects the private personal profile of you, for example – when you are out, when you are at home or when you are sleeping, or if you are likely to be running a business from home.

All this information can be sold off to, or passed onto third parties such as retailers,  manufacturers, law enforcement, insurance companies or anyone that will pay a lot for it.

Further to this concern, experts are continuously warning consumers/companies that all information transmitted on the wireless networks is highly susceptible to being used/hacked into by the wrong hands.  The Smart meter is susceptible to…

  • Burglars or pedophiles being able to access when you are home or out
  • False meter readings being applied, so you are charged more or less for your energy consumption
  • Appliances in the home being randomly switched on/off
  • Your power being completely turned off

Cyber Expert on Smart Grid: Massive Vulnerability,

Who’s Accountable?

By Take Back Your Power

Cyber security Expert David Chalk warns about the vulnerability of the Smart Meters.  He also advises us that the complete smart grid system could go down or be hacked into in any country or on a global scale, via the internet.

David tells us there is absolutely nothing out there today that cannot be hacked into and stresses the point that we need adequate safety and security.

Governments and corporate companies are aware of the vulnerabilities, yet they continue to role out the smart meters across the globe.

So now it is up to the public to become aware of the implications the Smart meters have on society, and left up to the public to stop Smart meters from continuing to be installed and used.

To help make this happen – Please educate or share this article with your friends.

Article written by Wen Dee

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