Sleep Better With This Calming Meditation


Quite often when we find ourselves unable to sleep, our minds are racing…
over the days events and any worries we currently have.

If you are some one that finds it hard to relax, meditation is a good choice to add to your nightly routine. Calming meditative music is a good way to quieten the mind, to enable the the worries of the day to float away.

Many people think they cannot do meditation. Well, the good news is you can! Even if it’s just for a few minutes to start with.

As this is a night time sleep meditation, it is okay to lay down on or in your bed as you listen to the music.

Just lay back, close your eyes, focus on the music, and let any stresses of the day just wash away as the relaxing tranquil music plays.

Sleep Better Meditation


Don’t worry if thoughts enter your mind as you listen to the music. ¬†Just acknowledge the thought and let it go.

The more often you practice focusing on the meditative music, the quicker it will be to get into a relaxed state.

Article written by Wen Dee

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