Can A Psychic Predict Time Frames When Something Will Happen?

It’s common for psychics to be asked to predict time frames for those eager to know when something will happen. While some psychics can be amazingly accurate when it comes to time frames, many time frame predictions don’t always happen as stated by the reader.

When the time frame predicted turns out wrong, this often leaves the respondent (you) feeling frustrated, disheartened and let down.

So Why Do Psychics Predict Time Frames…
When it can Turn Out Wrong?

Firstly – When a psychic predicts time frames for your events to happen, they are often getting their information from the universe – Through their  spirit guides.

These messages can come through as words, symbols, physical feelings, intuitive feelings, or visions to the psychic.

Can a psychic predict time frames?For example:  You may ask the psychic when you will meet you next lover.

The psychic may predict it will be winter time because she is feeling cold and/or getting a vision of snow or rain.

To be even more precise, the psychic is likely to ask her spirit guides to be more specific with the month,  and how many months or years away it is for this event happen.

So the psychic may then predict the time frame when you are going to meet your next lover as – It will be in winter, around the middle of December, and will happen within two years.

Then later down the track, this time frame prediction turned out to be wrong.  You still haven’t met your next lover two years later.

Why Predicted Time Frames Can Turn Out Wrong

(1)  Some times the psychic can interpret the messages she gets the wrong way – resulting in you being given the wrong answer.

(2)  You have free will:  Many people think their future is already preset (set in stone) and that’s it.  So when they have a psychic reading they think the psychic will pin point everything.

This isn’t exactly how it works.  When you have a reading you are being given insight into your future or question, based on you continuing to live your life in the same way you currently do, and taking the advice the spirits give you.

It is also worth noting, that spirit guides cannot be forced to give messages, and often pass on what they think you need to know for now, not necessarily everything you want to know.

Various choices you make in life can change what situations/events will happen.   At the same time changing what were once predicted time frames.


For example:  A psychic tells you, you will get your dream job at your  local beauty salon within four months,  after you have completed the beauticians course.

You use your own free will, and decide to take up an offer to go on an unexpected  six month all expenses paid cruise ship tour, that comes with an opportunity to practice your beauty skills on those you meet on the ship.

Most people ask psychics to predict time frames for something during a reading.

A good psychic should tell you to use any predicted time frames as a guide only, and make you aware of why time frame predictions can change.

Please do keep this in mind next time you have a psychic reading.

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