Psychic Closet: Tips To Help You Come Out Of The Closet

Are you wanting to come out of your psychic closet, but have a huge fear of what others will think?  If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone.  Tips to help you come out of the psychic closet.

Tips for coming out of the psychic closetComing out of the ‘psychic closet’ once you’ve realized that you have psychic abilities is a big hurdle for most people.

The fear of being judged and looked at as a weirdo, is enough to prevent many highly gifted people from coming out.

It is actually quite common for those with psychic abilities to stay in the ‘psychic closet’ for many years, before reaching a point where they are just sick of not being able to be themselves, and take the plunge into coming out of the closet.

On a positive note: As scary as it is when you come out, those that have come out usually feel liberated.

Tips For Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

Always remember to listen to your intuition before making a decision.  If your fear is getting the better of you, try meditation before you make the decision.

#1  Before you come out of your psychic closet, join groups on social media or forums that share the same interests.  You could be surprised how many people are in the same situation as you.

This is also a good place to start if you think you may have psychic abilities, but are not sure yet.

A couple of forums you could try are Spiritual Forum or The Tree of Awakening

If you are ready to face strangers face to face in a non judgmental environment – Join a psychic circle, or Spiritualist Church in your area.  A good psychic group or spiritualist church will be able to give you good support.  Many of them also offer courses.

See this list for –  Spiritualist Churches around the world.

NOTE:  If you don’t feel comfortable in any group you approach – STOP GOING.  (Your intuition will tell you which one is right for you)

#2  Coming out as a psychic doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone:  Start with those that you know are not judgmental.   The ones that love you for being you, and encourage you to follow your ambitions.

#3  Make sure you have a good understanding or what your psychic abilities are:  Those you tell, are likely to ask what your psychic abilities are.  At the beginning this question can be overwhelming if you don’t know what your abilities are called, or can’t explain what it means.
See Psychic Abilities Verses Intuition – Am I Psychic?

Make a list in a notebook of what your abilities are and write down a short summary of how to explain them.   This will come in useful at times when you may be extra nervous, and particularly when telling others that are completely new to the psychic world.

#4  Never stop learning and enhancing your gifts:  The more confident you get with your psychic abilities, the easier it will become to talk to others about it.

#5  Stay with those that support you:  It is crucial to stay in touch with your support network.  As you go down the path of coming out as psychic to more and more people, you may experience negative remarks by some.

There are still people out there that fear psychic things, so they lash out at those they see as a threat to their comfort bubble.

The Rewards of Knowing
You’ve helped Someone with your Gifts…

Will Out-weigh any…
Negative Remarks you May Get.

The negative reactions you may get can knock your confidence and send you racing back into the closet.  Don’t let anyone have this power over you.  The problem is theirs not yours.  Love and be proud of yourself for being who you are, and what you believe in.

This is where it’s also beneficial for you to belong to a spiritual group (as mentioned in Tip #1), as there will be others in these groups that have gone down this path.

Talking to them and re-affirming to yourself that things worked out for these psychics, will not only give you a boost, it will raise your confidence.

For more tips on becoming confident – See: How To feel Confident When You’re Not

You may loose a few friends in the process of coming out with your gifts, but you will also gain fulfillment in yourself, and make new friends.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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