Parents Teaching Baby To Say Mama: Family Dog Says It Instead


There comes a time when parents can’t wait to hear their baby say Mama or Dadda.  Often each parent will try to get the baby to say their parent role name first, if only to show off to the other, “Baby likes me better because he said mum first,” or vice versa.

In this short video clip below an anxious mother is trying to get her baby to say Mama, by bribing the baby with food.

The family dog sits next to the baby wanting a piece of the action, and the treat at hand as well.  Now the competition is on, between dog and baby to be the first one to say, “Mama.”

It seems the baby realizes he has competition, and pushes the dog away.  But, this did not deter the dog.

Eager for a treat to, the family dog said ‘Mama’ first.

It will be interesting if there will be a round two of this.

The short video above was uploaded to You tube by Sam Giovanni in late June 2015 and went viral instantly.

I hope you enjoyed it like we did.

(Image source – Youtube)

Article brought to you by Wen Dee (August 2015)

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