One Easy Way To Make A New Bar Of Soap Out Of Left Over Soap

One way to make a new bar of soap out of your old soapIf you are like most people, once your bar of soap shrinks to a small size, off into the bin it goes.  Instead of throwing away your left over soap, why not save all the unwanted pieces and make a new bar of soap?

Making your own new bar of soap from your left over soap is easier to do than you may think.  It will also save you the cost of buying quite so much new soap.

An Easy Way To Make A New Bar of Soap From Left Over Soap


Any tools you use to make the soap CANNOT be used for cooking food in the future

Cut off any dirty bits of soap before you start

This method can also be used by those of you that make your own soap and have a lot of cut-offs left over, or a bad batch that you would have otherwise thrown away.

What you will need:

  • Old or unwanted soap
  • A crock-pot or a stainless steel double boiler pot – Alternatively you can use a bowl in a pot of boiling water.
  • Soap molds – Even a box lined with baking paper can be used, a loaf tin, or rubber cake molds.  (Many retailers sell various mold shapes from flower molds, to cube molds, to festive season molds).
  • A food grater
  • A beater
  • Water
  • Optional: Fragrance oil



(1) Cut off and discard any dirty stained areas from the soap.

(2) Grate the soap and place into your crock pot or steel pot.

(3) Add a little water (less is better than too much) Add just enough to help the soap melt. (If you put too much water in – It will result in your soap excessively shrinking during the solidifying stage).

(4) Cook at a low heat for a couple of hours (If you want to add scented oils to your soap – DON’T do it  during the melting stage as it will burn off the scent.  Add the oil just before you place the cooked soap into the molds).

(5) Stir occasionally – If the soap mix is dry after stirring, add a little more water.  The soap should have a gooey consistency.

(6) When the soap has melted properly – remove from heat and mix with a beater.   Optional – Add scented oil during the beating process.

(7) Now pour the soap into a mold.  TIPS: A box or loaf tin can be used – BUT line with baking paper to stop the soap getting stained.  Rubber cake molds are easy to use for soap making, as their flexibility make it easy to remove the soap bars once they have set.

(8) Gently shake or bang filled mold on bench (this helps to get rid of air bubbles within the soap).

(9) Leave soap over night to solidify (become solid).

(10) Once the soap is solid – Remove from the mold and cut into your desired sizes.

NOTE:  It is recommended – Soaps made from your old soap should only be used as a general soap – For example: to wash hands with etc.  They should not be given as gifts.  If you want to give someone soap as a gift, make the soap from new ingredients, or buy a ready made soap.

Article written by Wen Dee

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