My Intuition Saved My Fathers Life – My Story

Quite often we question whether our intuition is guiding us, or if our mind is just playing games with us. From personal experience I have learnt to trust my gut instincts (intuition).

For me, I will often get a feeling about something.  If I don’t act on that feeling (gut instinct, hunch) the nagging little voice in my head gets stronger.  You know that inner voice we all have.

Or I get the feeling physically. Sometime it’s a slight nauseous, or squeezy  feeling particularly when my intuition is relating to some type of deception around me, or when bad news is about to come, such as a death or an unsafe situation.

How My Intuition Saved My Fathers Life

I was close to my father.  We would call each other most days and see each other at least once a week or fortnight.

Sometimes a few days would go by when we would have no contact.  This was not out of the ordinary, as sometimes we got busy with other things.

On one occasion I hadn’t heard from my father for three days, so I left a message on his answer phone.  I then got side tracked as visitors where staying with me for the next couple of days.

Late, on the night of day five, while still busy attending to my visitors, I suddenly started to get an uneasy, queezy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  This was accompanied with a feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.

My father instantly sprang into my mind, and I remembered I now hadn’t heard from him for five days.  Even though this was very unusual, I fobbed these feelings off as an over reaction, and pushed the feelings to the back of my mind.

As the night went on, this uneasy queezy feeling got a little stronger and emerged a few more times.  I continued fobbing it off, and telling myself there would be a perfectly good explanation for the lapse in contact with my father.

I couldn’t fob it off any longer.

I now also felt a deep urgency to get to…

My fathers place NOW!

Upon waking up the next morning (day six), this feeling was so strong that I couldn’t fob it off any longer.

I now also felt a deep urgency to get to my fathers place NOW!

My visitors were taking their time to get up and leave, leading to a usually placid me, angrily telling them to leave.

Of course the visitors didn’t know why I was suddenly so frantic, as I hadn’t  told them about my gut  feelings, due to my fear of them laughing at me, or telling me I was being silly.

Once the visitors had left, I did the 20 minute drive to my fathers place.

I found him on his lounge floor.  He looked like he was dead.  He was laying there pale and motionless .  As I bent down to check for breathing, he slowly opened his eyes.

Through lack of energy he could hardly move or respond.

With a glass of water in one hand, I slowly raised him up with the other hand so he could sip the water.  Within 10 minutes he had eaten some toast and was able to walk around slowly.

It turned out that my father had been stuck on the floor for most of the week, unable to call anyone for help.

(Sadly – upon further investigation, it turned out my father had terminal cancer.  He passed away a few months later)

‘If I hadn’t gone by my intuition, 

My father would have died on that floor.’

So if any of you feel you are being silly about a gut feeling you have (your intuition), listen to it and go by it.

I have found over the years, that the more I go by my gut instincts (intuition), the stronger the feelings get. I also get guidance through my intuition more often.

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Written by Wen Dee

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