Is Your Bra Putting You at Risk of Getting Cancer?

Just like with any other clothing fashion, bra styles have come and gone over the years.  As the 21st century roles on we are seeing plain unattractive bra’s entering the market place.  While many woman wouldn’t be seen dead in some of these ugly bra designs…

Some bras put you at risk of getting cancerMany Woman are Realizing
Their Sexy Bra…

Is infact

A Life Threatening Item

One particular style that has managed to stay popular over the years is the under wire bra.  This type of bra is voted by many women as being one of the most comfortable to wear and support the breasts.

Many of the popular pretty, sexy designs also  incorporate a metal piece of wire inside the fabric that sits just under the breast.

There is good reason to believe that these wires are highly likely to cause various forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

How Your Bra Could Be Putting You
At Risk Of Getting Cancer

When Metal is in Contact with the Human Body

It will Act as a Receiver for Wireless Energy,

Which then will Flood the Human Body with many Frequencies of…

Electromagnetic Radiation  

EXAMPLE: When sitting at a wireless computer – What part of your body is the computer facing?  The chest/breast area, very close to the computer that is emitting harmful electromagnetic radiation directly into the delicate breast tissue, and further enhanced for those that are wearing an under wire bra.

For similar reasons, whether your bra has an under-wire or not – It is also important to note, that for safety reasons many specialists are now warning women not to carry their cell phone inside their bra.

As time goes on  an alarming rate of wireless technologies such as, cell phones & wireless home phones, cell towers, smart meters, electronic games, baby monitors, computers & laptops etc,  that beam out EMR are introduced and used in the home, place of employment and environment, placing us in a large pool of invisible but harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Long term exposure to high levels Electromagnetic radiation frequencies (also known as microwave frequency)  can also lead to microwave/radio wave sickness (RWS) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

Author note:  It also worth mentioning that many studies on the internet will say there is no risk or evidence of radio frequencies being a cause of cancer in those that wear under wire bras.

Part of this is due to many reports being censored and kept from the public, so a true evaluation is hidden.

Personally – I would rather go by the basis – ‘That there is a high possibility that the under-wires in ladies bras being a cause of cancer, as this will most likely prove to be accurate in years to come, when more people start getting particular cancer spots on their breasts: – A repeat of what happened in relation to the denials that went on for years, before it was acknowledged through various court cases that cell phones cause various brain cancers.

See Cell Phone Lawsuits   This resulted in cell phone manufacturers/communications companies being required to put the appropriate safety warnings on these products.

Wireless technologyThe Studies they don’t Want You to See



You can replace you metal under wire with a plastic wire.  You may be able to purchase plastic under wire for your bra at various haberdashery outlets or stockists.


Article written by Wen Dee

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