Is Wheat Causing You To Gain Weight?

The wheat today is not the same as it was forty years ago.  It is now highly processed and often filled with endless chemicals or is genetically modified.  For these reasons it is becoming apparent that todays wheat is causing you to gain weight.

Dr William Davis can back the theory that weight causes you to gain weight.  Dr Davis is a cardiologist whom runs a Heart Disease Preventative Practice in Milwaukee started to notice that approximately 80% of his patients were pre-diabetic or diabetic.  Heart disease cannot be successfully prevented for those with these conditions.

In an effort to reduce the blood sugar levels in these patients, he asked them to eliminate all wheat products from their diet, as wheat products are known to raise blood sugar levels quicker than most other foods, including many chocolate bars.  It makes no difference whether the wheat is organic, whole grain or sprouted, it will still rapidly raise blood sugar to high levels.

Three months later his patients had lost a lot of weight, for many it was 30 pounds and inches off their waist line, with many reporting other unexpected benefits they have also experienced when wheat free.

Lose The Wheat – Lose The Weight by Dr William Davis

Benefits Patients Reported When They…

Stopped Eating Wheat Products

The extra benefits Dr William Davis’s patients experienced….

  • Headaches and migraines – GONE
  • Joint pain  – GONE
  • Arthritis pain – 80% decreased
  • Asthma – GONE
  • Depression – GONE
  • Food obsession for those sometimes previously told they had Bulimia – GONE
  • Diabetes – GONE

The patients often stated they feel twenty years younger.  For this reason many felt they they have been good so will have a little bit of wheat, whether it be bread, a cake or something else with wheat in it.  This is when the downfall happens…

Within Moments of Eating A Wheat Product…

All the Bad Effects they Used To have – Came Back!

These bad effects can include not just the bad effects they used to have, but many other bad effects too.  The extra effects can include: Mind fog, Diarrhea, Rashes and various aches and pains.

Dr William Davis has written the book below ‘Wheat Belly’…


‘Wheat Belly’ is a best seller, and has many positive reviews by those that have read the book and applied Dr Travis’s method.

Dr Travis is overwhelmed at the good health benefits he has seen in his patients.  He himself had diabetes and it went when he became wheat free.

He states there will be no deficiencies when you give up wheat, but you do need to replace the wheat with healthy wholesome foods, such as vegetables, eggs, cheese and meat etc.  When you are wheat free and having a healthy diet, your body will also absorb nutrients better.

While not everyone will get major health benefits when wheat free, Dr Travis believes that if 50% of patients on a wheat free diet are having remarkable health benefits, going wheat free is well worth trying.

To keep updated with DR Travis – Visit his Blog Dr William Davis

Article written by Wen Dee

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