I Can’t Meditate: Why It’s Hard To Do And How To Solve The Problem

Meditation can be challenging, particularly when you are new to it.  Many people just give up on it as their mind continues to race.  These simple tricks will kick start you into mastering meditation.

Calming the mind and thinking about nothing is easier said than done.  If you get constant chatter, or find your mind racing off on what needs doing, or on any worries you may have, you are not alone.

Learn the art of meditation


You may be surprised to know, that you have already meditated at various times without realizing it.

Meditation is a bit like day dreaming.

Now I’m sure you have day dreamed from time to time.

We often do this when bored, or maybe when relaxing in the bath tub.

Just think for a moment, of a time you recall day dreaming, or just gazing out into the sunset.

How did you feel at this time?  You will likely recall that your mind was relaxed, and free from chatter at these times.

Meditation does the same with the only difference being, you are training your mind to calm when you want it to.

I Can’t Meditate –  Top Reasons Why You Can’t Do It Successfully

If you have tried many forms of meditation in the past, and still not been able to clear that racing mind and relax.


This is where you have most likely gone wrong…

(1)  Starting with long meditations:  Many fall into the trap of sitting for long periods of time trying to meditate.

TIP: Do short guided guided meditations until you get used to sitting quietly.  Meditation for just a few minutes at a time is better than not doing it at all.  Doing it this way in the beginning will better your chances of succeeding, and eventually being able to do longer meditations.

Start with short two minute sessions (videos below for this) to start with.  After a week or so increase the time by a couple of minutes.  As you progress keep adding a couple of minutes onto your sessions.

Getting into the habit of doing a short meditation daily will turn the process into a habit that stays with you.  Meditating for short sessions to start with, will make it easier to grow into longer sessions.

The best time to do your sessions is first thing in the morning, or just before you go out for the day.

Try to do your meditation at the same place and time.  This will turn the practice into a ritual so you won’t forget to do it.

(2)  Not sitting comfortably: Many people that have done meditation for a long time, and meditation gurus, will always say, sit on the floor with your legs crossed (known as Lotus position) with back straight.

TIP:  You don’t have to sit in a yoga type position to meditate.  Just sit in a position you find comfortable, preferably in a chair with a back support.

You can even sit on the floor with your back supported (leaning against a wall or sofa chair), with your legs straight out in front of you.

(3)  Choosing the wrong type of meditation:  There are various forms of meditations.  Some forms are gazing and focusing on a picture or an object.  Another is listening to soft music or nature sounds to still the mind.

TIP: When you are new to meditation or not able to clear your mind to relax, it is best to start with a short guided meditation that encourages you to focus on your breathing, and guides you through the process.

This is actually very effective when getting used to quietening the mind.  Even if you can only quiet the mind for a few minutes, it is still an achievement.

Here are a couple of short meditations for you to try

(4)  Fearing the thought you cannot meditate:  Some people find themselves getting anxious just before, or at the beginning of the meditation practice.  This is very common, particularly if you have had many failed attempts.

Through out your day Get into the habit of focusing on your breathing for short amounts of time.  Just a minute or two is okay.


By getting into the habit of doing this regularly, you will find yourself better able to focus on your breathing when you do meditation.

When I was new to meditation, I got into the habit of focusing on my breathing during the day, and found it to be very beneficial.

I also got into the habit of sitting/walking in nature, taking the time to admire what was there.

These techniques helped me to calm my mind during the day, and stopped me from feeling so anxious when it was time to do meditation.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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