How to tune into your Intuition

We all have an intuition, but many of us rarely recognize it when its trying to tell us something.  Social and professional demands absorb most of our attention resulting in us not hearing what our intuition is trying to tell us.
Developing intuition is one of the most beneficial gifts  you can give yourself. It increases your awareness, helps to protect you from harm and awakens dreams and desires.

Often our mind is Full of – Too much clutter/chatter,

To get a clear perception of what our Intuition is telling us.

Messages from intuition are often received as symbols, feelings or a sudden knowingness. Some see a slide show of scenes/visions flash before them.

Your inner voice and senses help you to see, feel, hear and experience all that surrounds you. Some refer to this as connecting to their inner self or higher self.

Tips to Help you Tune into your Intuition

(1) Relax your body

  • Find a comfortable quiet place to sit down.
  • If you like incense – pop some in your burner
  • Breath slowly & deeply from the abdomen to release any tension in your body.

Once your body is completely relaxed and you’re breathing deeply, your conscious mind also known as the Beta brain wave state, will try to become over-active.  This is normal and natural.

Each time this happens, focus on your breathing to clear the active mind.

Once your mind quietens down you enter into the preconscious or Alpha brain wave state – when you are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, but aware of what is happening around you.

With practice, You can completely Relax within minutes.

  To enjoy the Benefits…  
  Of tuning into your intuition.

(2) Once your mind and body are fully relaxed, you will start to enter into the subconscious mind set, also known as the

Theta brain wave state – A state of somnolence with reduced consciousness, between awake and asleep. This is when your intuition will connect with you.  People often dismiss messages/images they have at this time, as simply just a dream.
  • It is okay to ask your intuition a question at this time or you can just wait and see  what comes through…
  • Keep any questions simple and straight to the point.
  • If you don’t get an answer, don’t fret.  Answers are not always going to come when you want them to. Sometimes the answer may come in the form of an unexpected chance meeting with someone – Or a de-ja-vu experience later.

(3) Use your dreams as an intuitive tool.   In addition to the above – A good routine to get into, is to tune into your intuition just before  you go to sleep  each night.  Think about a problem you’d like to solve or something you would like to gain clarity on.

(4) Keep a journal handy. Write down any messages, visions, feelings or dreams you have.  You can reflect/review these messages at a later time.

  • Do you see a pattern to something forming?
  • Is your intuition stronger when you are in danger and not so strong when you ask for guidance about day to day things?
  • Work on areas (one at a time) that need improvement.

(5) Once you’ve found your intuitive voice, trust it.

  • Have you noticed that your first impressions of someone or something are usually right?

(6) Review your messages with logical thinking to help you make the right decisions.

As you become more in-tune with Yourself…

Your Intuitive messages will become stronger,
And come through more Often.

(7) Take note of what your body tells you.  Our body also speaks to us in an intuitive way, when out and about on our daily routines.


Positive Intuitions with People or Situations

  • You feel uplifted, brighter, energized or may feel you have known this person before.
  • You feel at ease, relaxed & safe.
  • You feel a sense of peace – Peace of mind.
  • Your breathing is normal, not paced or rapid.
  • You feel at ease when this person touches you Eg: Gives you a hug, shakes your hand.
  • You feel you can be open, have an open heart feeling.
  • You feel a warmth when around this person.

Negative Intuitions with People or Situations

  • You have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.
  • Your skin gets a crawling feeling.
  • Shoulders, chest, muscles suddenly feel tense.
  • You feel chills run through your body.
  • The hair on the back of your neck stands on end.
  • You feel  uncomfortable, darkness, pressure, agitation, or drained.
  • Breathing is suddenly strained, rapid or extremely slow.

As you go through this new you stage, you may find your interests changing.   You may become more creative or seek better things in life.

Some of your current relationships may no longer fulfill you like they did before, particularly if they were negative or draining ones.   This is normal and as they say “Out with the old and in with the new”.

If you find these friendships or any other situations challenging as they start to change, go within yourself for further guidance and fulfillment to help you flow through this time.

(8) Share your experiences with like-minded people.  The more you tell others about your intuition, the more details you’ll remember and the better  you will become at it.

If you can’t find any new-age spiritual groups in your area, there are many groups online such as face-book, twitter or for a more in-depth online group that is similar to facebook, but is a new-age community with many informative articles, see…

New Age – Spiritual Community online

(9) Stay informed.  Read articles or books on intuition.  Find out how others have been able to master their intuition.  Different people have different ways of tuning in pacifically for them.  Some tune in by:

  • Practicing meditation or yoga
  • Going on a quiet walk
  • Pottering in the garden
  • Going fishing in a quiet area
  • If  an artist – drawing/painting
  • Even just day dreaming out the window can be a benefit
  • Or any other mindless task you like doing

End Note

  • When you are no longer preoccupied with negative or unproductive thoughts, you have a greater ability to recognize the messages from your intuition.
  • The more you practice tuning into your intuition – the deeper the levels of communication you get.

Article written by Wen Dee: 

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