How To Make A Snow Globe For Christmas

Don’t you just love the mesmerizing effect of a snow globe?  The figurines inside often tell a story, and the snow or glitter floating around inside just enhances things further.

Have you Ever Thought about
Making your Own Snow Globe?

They are fun and easy to make.

Here’s How…

The best part about making your own snow globe is:  You can choose your own theme to create the scene you want.

Let your imagination run wild, you could do a Santa theme,  Winter in wonderland theme, or a Magic fairy theme, the list is really endless.

What you will need:

  • A jar with a tight screw on lid (This could be a baby food jar, jam jar or you could check out your local craft or hobby shop to get a round snow globe case – like most commercial snow globes use)
  • Decorative figurines or objects to put inside your snow globe (Don’t use metal figurines as they can rust)
  • Mineral oil, baby oil or Distilled water (DON’t use tap water as it contains minerals and bacteria that can go rancid, smelly, and build up mercy looking slime inside the globe)
  • Glycerin – Only needed if you are using distilled water
  • Crunched up egg shells, fake plastic snow, or glitter
  • Water resistant glue
  • Decorative ribbon (If you want to tie a bow around the base)


(1)  Glue the figurines to the base or inside of jar lid to create the theme you want.  Allow the glue to dry, as per the instructions on your glue.

(2)  Add crunched up egg shells, fake snow or glitter to the jar.  The amount of snow or glitter needed will depend on the size of your jar.  Adding too much will hide the figurines inside the jar when it floats down.  Add a tablespoon at a time, until you get the desired result.

(3)  Fill the jar to the top with baby oil or mineral oil.  The snow or glitter will fall slower in the oils.

If your are using distilled water, add 1/8 of a teaspoon of glycerin to get the floating effect. (You may need to add more glycerin depending on the size of your jar.  ONLY add a little bit more at a time until, the float is to the speed you want.  Adding too much will cause the snow or glitter to stick to the bottom of the jar)

(4)  Carefully and slowly screw the lid or base tightly onto the the jar.  DON’T do this part to fast, as it could cause air pockets inside the snow globe.

If you are worried that kids may unscrew the globe, apply some of the glue around the rim of the jar to get a good seal.

(5)  For extra flare you may want to tie a ribbon or bow around the base of your snow globe.

Article written by Wen Dee

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