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How To Identify A Back Stabber

We’v all experienced the two faced-ness of a back stabber at some stage.  The key to being able to protect yourself from a back stabber, is to be able to identify a back stabber before you become a another victim of their evil ways.

How to spot a back stabberBack stabbers are not usually enemies.

They are usually false friends.  They could be your best friend, a work colleague, a neighbor or even a family member.

Often they are people you trust, and in many instances confide in.

A back stabber will say the nicest things to your face – BUT behind your back, it’s a whole different story.


When you first meet someone you usually get a gut instinct about them.  Go by it.  Be wary if your gut instinct tells you this person is not what they are portraying to be.

Quite often you will notice patterns in someone that is a back stabber.  Another words history repeats itself  – They tend to…

  • Some are overly friendly towards you.  This is their way of gaining your trust.  Be wary of this.
  • Know everything about every one, and gossip about it – Usually in an unflattering way.
  • Often negative in what they talk about.
  • Love drama or dramatizing things – Some will even create a drama if they have to.
  • Seem to have a lot of fall outs with people.


Back stabbers thrive on what they do.  Don’t think for a minute that they are doing it because you have done something wrong.

They may try to manipulate you into thinking this is the case if you ever confront them about their back stabbing – BUT the fault is something in them.

A back stabber…

  • Often feels insecure, like their life isn’t interesting enough, so they will back stab you.
  • On another level a back stabber may be too scared to face you about an issue, so they will say it behind your back, often not in a truthful light.
  • Some will want to be better than you and do anything to get there –  Put you down, out right lie about you.  This type of back stabber is usually quite ruthless.
  • Jealousy can also be a motivator for a back stabber.

If you feel someone close to you is a backstabber, in most cases you are best to ditch the friendship.  Back stabbers don’t usually change their ways.

Just start distancing yourself from them and what ever you do – DON’T confide in them or tell them much about anything.

Article written by Wen Dee

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