How To Figure Out What A Man Wants In A Woman – A Guys Point Of View

What Do Men Want In a Woman?
(Insight from a Guys Point of View)

Have you ever wondered how to figure men out or wanted to know why men do what they do?

Does your mind go completely insane when you are in a situation with a guy where you can’t figure out why he is doing what he is doing?

Do you often think:

  • Why doesn’t he like me?
  • Why does he only want sex?
  • When will he commit?
  • What does he like or see in other women & not me?
  • Why does he reject me, and what do I lack?
  • Why doesn’t he love me?
  • Why do good men always run away from me?
  • Why do I always end up with losers?

It’s the basic: “Why…Why…Why?” syndrome, and I know these questions can drive you completely insane!

Ever wondered what a man wants in a woman? Here's some insight into what a man really wantsThis is where women tend to think that their life would be MUCH easier if only they had access to some sort of magic tool which would show them exactly what a man is thinking.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned; especially when it comes to men and relationships… so it’s every woman’s fantasy to be able to finally have their life turn out like a fairy tale in the end.

As a little girl you most likely had dreams about how perfect your life is going to be some day.

Your dreams just like most other little girls dreams, most likely included how prince charming would magically come into your life and make you feel complete, and how everything would work out just perfectly.

But then You Grew Up and Reality
Dealt a Blow

You began to realize it was all a dream, and reality has another plan for you – A plan you didn’t prepare yourself for.

Who knew men could be so complex?

Who knew relationships were so HARD and involved, with a never ending cycle of pain & pleasure?


EVERY woman at some point in her life experiences:

  • …Rejection.
  • …Loneliness.
  • …Frustration.
  • …Hopelessness.
  • …Confusion/Doubts

And the list goes on and on. BUT, there is a fairytale world in between the complexity of men out there, because when dealing with a man she will ALSO experience:

  • …Joy
  • …Comfort
  • …Security
  • ….Love
  • ….Understanding/Certainty
  • …..and many MORE similar and positive emotions

Have you ever wondered…

Why Some Women have more Positive Experiences than Negative Ones?

Well the answer is pretty simple and not an obvious one.  These women understand what a man wants.  Surprisingly, it’s not what many reality shows tell us.  It’s NOT about wearing…

  • The right clothes
  • The right make up
  • The right hair style or hair color

That is all absolute HYPE!

These shows are often filled with women who yap on endlessly about how you can make yourself the “super Barbie doll” who is pretty & attracts great men.

It’s ridiculous to even consider some of the advice given in these shows.

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Sure you will attract a lot of men just by making adjustments in the way you look, but it won’t necessarily buy his affection or love.  Being a man myself, let me tell you that when we see a pretty woman – Our first thought is how to get her into bed. Period!

If a guy looks at you and is checking you out – Do you believe he is thinking “Wow!  What a pretty girl! I would like her to be my wife & want to have kids with her”?
Heck No! He is trying to figure out how he can get you into bed as quickly as possible.

Here is THE fact…And I know this will lead to a lot of arguments but:

A man can easily go to bed with you without having any emotional attachment towards you.

Men label women into two groups-

  • A woman he would just casually have sex with
  • A woman he would want to be in a relationship with

So Ladies… Here is the Truth

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If a guy is having sex with you right now, but is reluctant to talk about where things are headed, then he has actually put you in the casual sex category.

Ever heard a guy say – “I just don’t want anything serious right now”?

It’s that same old boring line men use isn’t it?  But does it mean he isn’t ready for anything serious?  Heck NO!

What it means is – He isn’t ready for anything serious with YOU.  Yeah I know! It’s painful but the truth often hurts.

So now the big question is this:

How can you Avoid Being a Casual Fling to Him
and become…

A Woman he Would Want to Get
Into a Relationship With?

Here are some guidelines you need to follow…

  • Men Want a Woman Who is Non-Needy

Have you ever had those moments where you are talking to a guy & everything is going extremely well, the conversation is flowing well…

You can feel that instant connection.  You like him a lot & now you are wondering how to make it absolutely certain that he will go out with you again?  Now you are trying to figure out how to say the right thing and are trying hard not to mess it up.

You want to know more and more about him….

All of a sudden you are asking him lots of questions left, right, and center:

  • Are you single?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • Do you have any siblings?

And the list goes on.  Then the meeting comes to an end, he takes your phone number, and promises to call you.

You go back home…Filled with excitement.

You call your best friend & tell her about this handsome hunk you ran into today, explain how exciting it was and how much fun you had, and all the other good stuff.  Everyone is all chirped up and happy.

And then the waiting game starts…

You wait for his call. You check your phone a million times a day.  You get super excited every time you see a call from an unknown number…Only to be disappointed when you answer it, because:

It’s not him

And you wait and wait and WAIT – He never called and probably never will.

Confused, you call up your good old best friend again and discuss the possible reasons why he didn’t call.  After a long heart to heart call, you agree that he was just another jerk.

And this is where the story ends.

Here is the Reality about Human Beings

Our minds are very quick to judge. We see something and form a judgment within seconds, often ignoring what we don’t want to see.

Men do the same thing.

If a man didn’t call you after a date, even when he promised he would, then this means that in his mind you are overly needy.  And neediness kills attraction.

This is a common pattern most women get sucked into: When you like a guy your normal desire is to get that guy to like you back.  For most women, this means doing everything you can to accomplish that.

In the process

You STOP Being Your Best Self and Start Doing Things – Just to Impress the Guy.

Guys see through this.  They can sense it: A guy can sense when you like him – BUT, he can easily see when you are trying TOO hard to impress him.

This is how a man sees it:

“Oh she likes me…Interesting!”

“She’s asking too many questions…I guess she totally digs me.”

“She is getting weird now…Too many personal questions.”

“How do I get rid of her?”

And bam…Now you know how he saw the whole situation.

From the interaction and the way you behaved you projected a very needy attitude.

Men only Feel Attraction Towards Women Who are…

Not Trying to Gain their Acceptance

This means you have to be non-needy.  In order to accomplish that, you have to understand two very important things:

  • You have to convey to him that you like him, BUT that doesn’t mean you will make extra attempts to impress him to gain his acceptance.
  • You have to be yourself like you normally are.  When you make changes in your personality just to impress him or gain his acceptance, he can easily sense that and it will backfire.

So how do you know when you are not being yourself when you are around a guy you really like?

Well it’s simple:

If you find yourself saying the things you wouldn’t normally say, and doing the things you wouldn’t do while in his company, then you are definitely on the wrong path.  Stop yourself right there – and ask yourself – Am I normally like this?

And you will know exactly what to do.

Naturally, women know what they want, but don’t know what to do to get it. You’ll find yourself doing anything that just comes to mind, even though you aren’t sure it may work, to try and win a guy over.

This is where a strong understanding of men comes into play.

If a woman does not understand how a man’s mind works, or what she needs to do specifically to make him react positively in return, she will end up noticing that men lose interest and leave.

But, if a woman understands how a man’s mind works, she will KNOW exactly what to do in any situation, and the results will be everything she hoped for.

I have spent a lot of time and energy into figuring out some of the best insights and tactics a woman can use to get everything she wants out of her man.

In fact, I have taken the time to break apart a man’s mind and lay it out clearly for women to understand and use in their dating life.

And that’s why I strongly recommend you watch my videoShow Me The Video

I hope my insight into understanding men is as helpful to you as it has been for many other woman.

 Article written by James Scott
Knowing what a man wants in a woman will no doubt give you a better chance of getting the guy.

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