How To Avoid Coming Across As Weird Or Creepy To Girls

Are you having trouble getting girls to like you?  Sometimes it may be because you are choosing the the wrong girls. But, if most girls don’t like you and run a mile when they see you, it may be because you are coming coming across as creepy to girls, or even as a bit of a weirdo.

Do you come across as weird or creepy to girls?Coming across as Weird or

Creepy To Girls…

Is A Good Way To Stay Single

So guys listen up as Dating coach JT Trans turns to the girls for advice on what a creepy or weird guy looks and/or acts like, so you can avoid making the mistake yourself.

Top Things Girls Find
Creepy in a Guy

1:  Eye Contact –  You need the right amount of eye contact.  (NOT too much and NOT to little).
When you approach and speak to a girl, looking around the room and giving no eye contact at all not only comes across as creepy, but is also rude.

The same can be said for the guys that stare too much, especially if you are the type of guy that stares at her boobs a lot.  Boob guys repulse most females.

2:  Body language – defensiveness.  Try to be confident when you talk to a girl.  Quite often on a subconscious level many guys come across as defensive and/or weak looking.

This type of guy usually slouches, fidgets or holds his hands in his pockets.

3: Facial expressions –  Your face is the first thing the girl will see, so it is important to make a good first impression.

Of course you will be nervous when going up to the girl,  and for many guys nervousness can tend to make them come across as stiff, unfriendly, creepy and too serious.   SMILE when you greet the girl.

Girls are also quick to notice the types of guys that sit at the bar and stare profusely at every girl that walks into the bar.  This includes the guys that look every girl up and down.

Many girls call this type of perving as – Being undressed/stripped with his eyes – Another number one creep out guys should not do if they are serious about actually meeting girls.

4:  Personal space – Don’t get too close to the girl physically – Stand about 1 or 2 feet away from the girl at the beginning.   This also applies if you are dancing on the dance floor.   Pushing yourself into the girl or standing too close is not only creepy, but is seen as sleazy by many girls.

It can even give the impression that you are trying to over power/dominate the girl, or that you are some kind of sexual predator.  Once the affection grows between you, moving a little closer won’t come across as creepy, as long as you just take things slowly.

5:  Touching – Don’t touch her too much – Don’t touch the girl straight away.  Touchy feelly guys are an instant turn off.  Once the affection or conversation starts to grow, touching a little is usually acceptable, as long as you are not touching the girl constantly, or on her private areas – RE: On the boob area, or buttocks.

If you are unsure where to touch a girl, clicking glasses can be a start, or tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention.

6: The sound of your voice – If you speak too quietly this can come across as weird, and also shows you are nervous or someone with no confidence.  So, if you are in a noisy bar, try to speak louder (without yelling).  If you speak quietly naturally, try to practice speaking louder.

7:  Hair – At times it can be the in thing for guys to have a beard or mustache.  If you do have one of these, make sure it is trimmed neatly and not left to be overgrown.

It is also important to make sure these types of facial hair are clean.  Guys may not notice, but sometimes, unclean mustaches can actually smell and this is usually noticed when you go to kiss the girl.  An instant turn off to girls.

Un-shaved facial hair (often referred to as stubble) is usually untidy looking and if you are at the stage of kissing the girl, the stubble can act like sand paper on the girls skin – Another instant turn off to most girls.

Balding hair – Many guys have receding hairlines or bald patches on the top of their head.  As much as this can be something many guys can’t stand, it often cannot be helped and is often a genetic thing.  BUT what ever you do DON’T try to hide it by combing the longer patches of hair over the bald patch.

Not only does trying to hide your baldness look creepy, it also shows you are someone with no confidence.   Just be confident with how you look.  You may want to consider shaving your head.  It is quite trendy for guys with or without balding problems to shave their heads.

8:  Neediness  Don’t come across as needy to the extent you follow her everywhere she goes.  This is not only creepy but you are likely to be seen as a stalker, and could not only lose out on the girl, but get removed from the premises in the process.

If she gets up to go to the ladies room or to see a friend across the room, don’t just assume you can go with her.

Other forms of neediness include, trying to get her to feel sorry for you by dumping all your problems on her. Constantly putting her on a pedestal also comes across as not only creepy but desperate to be liked.

For example: It’s okay to say ‘You are really pretty’, but if you keep going on about it, and don’t talk about other things in a two way conversation, you will be in the Mr creep zone.  She will also be lead to believe you don’t care about her as person and are only interested on her looks or physical attributes.

9:  Conversations Topics that can come across as Creepy –  When you first meet the girl don’t bring up topics such as religion, politics, the weather, death, your parents, or past girlfriends.  These topics are best discussed later down the track when you know each other better.


10:  Getting too personal about yourself too soon –  Giving out too much personal information too soon is a definite creep out to girls.  While it’s good for her to get know who you are, at the beginning a little at a time is best, and the rest can be revealed over time.

For example: You don’t want to go telling her all your problems, or likes and dislikes at the beginning.  In time you will learn these things about each other.

Talking about hobbies (as long as they are not weird ones), sports, or what she likes to do can be good starting topics, but always make sure the conversation is a 2 way one.  You don’t want to come across as someone that is full of self importance.

11:  Rejection – If you approach a girl and she rejects you, be graceful about it.  DON’T get abusive or follow he around anyway.  Just politely say, ‘A pleasure meeting you’, and walk away.

As much as it sucks to be rejected, you never know what the future may hold.  You may even bang into this girl later down the track, and she may be interested or able to socialize with you then.

End note:  If you are coming across as creepy to girls, it won’t take long to get a name as being a creep, it can be hard label to shake.

So if you are serious about getting girls to like you, and think you may be unintentionally coming across as creepy to girls, brush up on where you think you maybe going wrong, and see what difference it makes.

Article written by Wen Dee

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