How the ‘International Day Of Yoga’ Started

Yoga is the worlds most favorite holistic health practice.  The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and means to join and unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness.

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago, and is now widely practiced in gyms, parks and homes around the world.

Indian President Narendra Modi Proposed an ‘International Day of Yoga’

At the United Nations General Assembly

On the 27th September 2014 the President of India, Narendra Modi proposed an International Day Of Yoga at the United Nations General Assembly.

When he took the stand, he informed the panel he would like to draw their attention to another subject and said…

“When we talk about climate change.  When we talk about holistic healthcare.  When we talk about unity with nature.  When we talk about getting back to basics, I would like to say something special about this subject.  Yoga is our ancient, traditional and invaluable gift.

Yoga symbolizes the balance of body and mind, thought and action, achievement and self-control, and the coming together of human beings and nature.

It provides a comprehensive vision of health and well-being.

It is not merely physical exercise, but also a means of building harmony within ones self, and with the world and nature.

Yoga aims at transformation of our lifestyle, and it’s awareness can help us in or struggle against climate change.

Let us work towards making a beginning in this direction, with an International Day of Yoga”.


The United Nations Assembly recognized the universal appeal of Yoga on the 11th of December 2014  and proclaimed June 21st to be the ‘International Day of Yoga’.   Resolution International Day of Yoga – 177 nations co-sponsored this resolution.

For details about the next See: International Yoga Day event

Article written by Wen Dee

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