Hope for Alzheimer’s Sufferers – Symptoms Reversed

For those diagnosed with alzheimers disease, it’s as good as getting a death sentence.  There is now a successful treatment available to reverse many of the symptoms of  alzheimers disease.

While many are set on believing there is no hope for those with Alzheimers,  Dr Edward Tobinick at the Institute of Neurological Recovery didn’t listen to the skeptics, and continued on with research to find a way to help those with this destructive disease.  A disease that robs a person of their memory and dignity.

Dr Tobinicks treatment involves an injection of etanercept into the neck.  Within minutes of having this breakthrough treatment, patients are showing astounding results.

The Miracle
Alzheimers Effects Reversed with Etanercept

The drug called  Entanercept also known as Enbrel is an anti-inflammatory drug that is commonly injected just under the skin of patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, Chrones disease, Psoriasis & Asthma.

Dr Tobinicks original break through came in 2008 when he came up with a technique using etanercept.  A techinique now referred to as the perispinal etanercept injection – method.


We all have levels of a protein called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) in our brain, to be able to function. Alzheimer’s patients have 25% more of this TNF protein in their brain than the average person.

As entanercept has been proven to shrink the TNF protein,  Dr Tobinicks technique ensures the entanecept targets the brain.

This technique is not a cure for Alzheimer disease, but has a good prolonged effect at reversing many of the effects.

Due to this drug currently (as at time of writing in 2014) being only approved for rheumatoid arthritis, many healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry, frown upon Dr Tobinicks use of it for treating Alzheimer disease.

In saying this, Dr Tobinicks technique is not illegal in the United States of America, as it comes under the off-label rules, when used for treating Alzheimer patients.

“The Patients and their Families,

Have only got Praise for this Miracle Treatment.”

Many health care professionals from around the world have viewed Dr Tobinicks research and travelled over to his clinic in the United States to learn the technique.

The Technique:

  • The patient is asked to lay face down on a tilt-able bed
  • An injection with just a few mil’s of etanecept is injected into the back of the patients neck. (It is NOT injected into the spinal cord itself)
  • The patient is tilted upside down on the bed (head first), so the drug can drain through the blood vessels, and  travel directly into the fluid around the brain.
  • Within minutes, amazing results become apparent.  Many patients speak of feeling the fog removing from their brain, while loved ones comment on how the patient looks and acts like they did before effected with Alzheimer  disease.

Reversal of Alzheimer’s Symptoms with…
Enbrel Injection

Reversal of Alzheimer’s Symptoms with Enbrel Injection

(Informative documentary by 60 Minutes)

 Dr Edward Tobinick (U.S) – Institute of Neurological Recovery 
 Updates in AustraliaAlzheimers Perispinal Etanercept Trials in Australia
Important Notes
  • The Peri-spinal Etanecept method – Does NOT work for everyone.
  • This method usually involves on-going injections of etanercept.
  • Etanercept is FDA approved for other uses – BUT is off-label for the uses of alzheimers treatment.
  • The treatment is expensive to have done.

Two video’s below to show the before and after of a patient that had the etanercept treatment

While many health professionals view this drug into the spinal cord via the neck as unorthodox, it has also resulted in world wide interest,  with medical professionals from various parts of the world learning the technique, and taking steps to perform this technique in their own countries.

Article written by Wen Dee: 

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