Funky Keyboard Cat Plays A Few Melodies

Some cats just don’t know when to act like a cat.  Meet this funky cat that thinks he’s a musician.

Strangely enough his tunes are quite hip hop groovy.

This musician cat has earned himself the name across the internet as ‘Keyboard Cat’.

Watch as he plays a few melodies…

Keyboard Cat Blasts Out A Few Melodies

When Keyboard Cat isn’t beating out a few tunes, he can be found in the kitchen keeping a watchful eye on his owner, as his favorite cat snacks are made.

And yes of course they have to have lots of Tuna in them.  The best quality for this cat.

Favorite Cat Snacks In the Making for Keyboard Cat

The recipe:

1/2 Cup Wheatgerm

1/3 Cup Soy flour

1 Can of quality Tuna

Whisk/mix the wheatgerm and soy flour in a bowl.

In a larger bowl:

Add the Tuna and mush it up into flakes.

Add a splash of water

Add half the dry ingredients and mix.

When mixed in well, add the remainder of the ingredients.

The mix should be of a firm dough like consistency.

Roll the dough into little balls, and place on a greased tray.

Bake at 400F until golden brown.

Once cooked, place in a bowl or container, and allow to cool down before you give them to your  furry puss.


You can see more from Keyboard Cat here 

Article written by Wen Dee

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