Famous Psychic Sue Nicholson: What It’s Like On Sensing Murder

As a child it was normal for Sue Nicholson to see dead people in her bedroom.  They would come and sit on her bed and tell her things.  Sue would also pick up on the emotional feelings of these visitors.

Sue has the psychic ability to…

See the situation or item the spirits want her to see,

Hear what they have to say,

Feels the surrounding emotions,

Does automatic (psychic) writing – (A technique when she would unconsciously write down the messages the deceased wanted to translay).

Many years later in her adult life she became a well known psychic in her community.

Through word of mouth she got an unexpected call one day by a production company, wanting psychics for an upcoming program on cold case murders.

In a state of shock, not really knowing what she was getting into, she agreed to go to an interview to be on the program.

It’s no surprise Sue was nervous about going to the interview.  Most psychics have their share of skepticism from critics.  Opening herself up for this with a production crew, and the possibility of being criticized on live television down the track, was a brave thing to do.

It’s just as well Sue followed her intuition and went to the interview – It changed her life for the better.

The Interview With Sensing Murder Producers

While at the interview she did a reading for one of the producing crew, then soon after when the crew had left the room she got a visit from the spirit of Olive Walker.

Olive told Sue that she is the girl in the photo and her body has been found.

When the producer came back into the room, without looking at her,  Sue told her “You have a photo of a girl, and she has been found.  She’s here, and I need a pen and paper quick, because I’m going to start channeling”.

Book about Sue Nicholson

Sue was handed the photo with a pen and paper, as the visions of Olive Walkers abduction flowed through her.

Without even looking at the photo, Sue was writing down (with her eyes closed) and voicing the surrounding issues relating to Olive’s case.

While Sue was doing this, she was so focused on the visions and messages coming through, she didn’t even see or hear the owner of the production company enter the room.

Once Olive’s spirit had left, Sue opened her eyes while the others in the room just stared at her in silence.  They didn’t say a word.

Feeling nervous at the interview as it was, this response made Sue even more nervous, and put her into a state of questioning her own judgement.

She nervously told them, “I don’t know if that’s right”.

They then told her they would let her know.

Being a new program, the producers didn’t know what to expect when they interviewed two different psychics on two separate days.

It was revealed later that the producers were shocked at Sue’s interview because they had already interviewed another psychic that got the same information about the case that Sue got.  They now knew there was something in the psychic phemomeon.

Two days after her interview,  Sue was told she got the job.

Strict Rules for Psychics On Sensing Murder

Psychics that work on Sensing Murder are told nothing about the cases they will be given, or about who any of the other psychics are, that will also be appearing on the show.

The chosen psychic will get a call asking if they are available on a certain date.  The night before the set date they get a call telling them which airport to go to, and at what time.

They have no idea where they will be going, and turn up at the airport counter asking for their ticket, having to say to airport crew, ‘I don’t know where I’m going’.

Psychics are not allowed to talk about any of the cases until they go to air.

Filming Sensing Murder

Sue has various psychic abilities including using her hands to tune into the spirits energy by holding an item that belonged to them (this is known as psychometry).  She can also see, hear and feel (known as clairsentience), what the murder victims experience during their last hours.

Sometimes Sue will get messages from the deceased person before she has even turned up for filming.

The beginning of her segment is filmed in a hotel room.  Here she is given a photo face down.

Often at this point Sue will start doing automatic-writing, as she voices what she can pick up about the person in the photo.

This first part of the filming is quite nerve racking for her, as she cannot make the spirit come through.

If they don’t want to come through or want their case to be solved, she will have no information to give, so the fear of looking silly also plays on her mind.  So far, the deceased spirit has always turned up and given information to Sue.

She is very accurate at picking up the name, age, gender, and what the victim looked like, before she has even turned the photo over to see the picture.

Sometimes she will hold an item that belonged to the murder victim, and can often pick up more information this way.  This technique is called Psychometry – You can watch Sue perform this on the interviewer at about 15 minutes into the video above .

Once she has got the above done she usually turns the photo over to look at the person, and picks up more information about the spirits life and last moments before/during death.

Producers then give her a map so she can pinpoint places that are significant to the murder victim.

This is where she uses the energy fields in her hands to pick up things like, where the victim was last seen or found, where the murder took place, where they lived.  She often comes up with suburb and/or street names at these times.

After this they get into a car and Sue directs the crew where to go.  Sometimes the crew trick her and drive past the place of the crime, but Sue always picks up on this, and often on the show you will see her telling them they have gone past a place she needs to go to.

She has been very accurate about where the destinations are, and at directing the crew to the places of significance.  On the way to, and while at these destinations, she often picks up more information about the case.

The information Sue trans-lays to the crew is more graphic during filming than what goes live on air, as the producers have to be very careful with sensitive information.

The filming runs for twelve hours as the psychics are taken to various locations they feel is significant to the case.

The Impact Sensing Murder Has Had on Sue’s Life

Being a psychic that can also see, hear and feel (known as clairsentience), what the murder victims experience during their last hours, has been very traumatic for Sue.

For example: If the victim was stabbed 17 times, Sue feels it and see’s it via psychic visions.

Sue has had to go to counselling after many of the filming sessions.  During the counselling sessions she is not allowed to say she has worked on a case, or what case she has worked on.  Her counselor is not a psychic herself, but knows what Sue does, so focuses on Sue’s emotions.

She cannot switch off completely to what the spirits want her to know, or control when they make communication with her.

There have been times when Sue has felt like quitting the show, but she has learnt how to deal with it.

Sue has certainly mastered being on television, and has appeared in many shows including, the Good Morning Show, Today Tonight, and has even had to advise some new shows on how to film the readings.

Psychic reveals what it"s like working on the Sending Murder programAs much as Sensing Murder is a popular program, there are many that are very skeptical, as it’s never been publicized whether any of the psychics have solved a murder case for Police.

One has to remember, the program is called, ‘Sensing Murder‘, NOT ‘Solving Murder‘.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, the producers of Sensing Murder believe the show brings a lot of publicity to the cold cases, that may bring in new evidence from the public and/or the psychics.

The crew understand the  families of the deceased need closure and Sensing Murder usually gives them that.

On many occasions the Police have been enlightened with the new information/leads from the messages the physics get.

The psychics don’t have any contact with the police afterwards and are not told what the police do with the information.

It’s understandable the Police would have to keep a lot of the Psychics information confidential for investigative and safety reasons.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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