Even Little Girls Fall In Love

Three year old Mila is one of Adam Levines (Judge on The Voice talent show) biggest fans.  While out shopping Mila’s Mother casually mentioned to Mila that Adam just got married.  In the middle of the shopping this was too much for little Mila to cope with, and the tears and howls emanated from her.

Mum quickly changed the subject and completed their shopping rather quickly.  Later on, when alone with Mila in the car she formerly told her that Adam Levine got married.

As you will see below, Mum was quick to film three year old Mila’s response…

Who-ever Said Little Girls Don’t Fall In Love

Ellen Degeneres got wind of this little girls response to the news of Adam getting married, as the Mum’s Mila video quickly went viral on You Tube.  Ellen invited Mila and her Mother onto her show, and arranged for Adam Levine to do a surprise visit to Mila.

After a quick talk with Mila about when she is going to marry Adam herself, Adam entered into the room and gave Mila a rose.  The rose was pleasantly accepted by Mila but stage fright seemed to catch up on her, so Mum was soon the preferred person in the room.

(Featured Image sourced from You Tube)

Article written by Wen Dee (October 2015)

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