Psychic Abilities Verses Intuition – Am I Psychic?

We all have the ability to source our intuition naturally, but  are you wondering if you actually do have psychic abilities as well?  It can be quite confusing at first to differentiate the two.  In this article we explain the differences.


Intuition is an inner knowing of something that comes from inside you – a hunch, gut feeling, instinct, vibes or a sixth sense that gives you insight into something without using your sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste senses.

Intuition happens randomly.  You can’t make it happen when you want it to.

Your intuition is only connected to your personal life.  Someone with psychic abilities can read/see the future in others.


Intuition examples:

  • When you meet someone for the first time you usually get a vibe about them.
  • You suddenly get a strong feeling a certain friend is going to call you – Then your phone rings, and it is them on the phone.
  • You are out for dinner and you suddenly just know your friend is going to order a certain dish.  When the waiter comes to the table your friend orders that dish.
  • You get a sudden knowingness that you must visit a certain friend or relative urgently.  You go to this persons house and find them unconscious on the floor.

    (This actually happened to me once – If I hadn’t gone to my fathers house at the time I got this knowingness, he would have ended up dying on the floor)

  • While driving home, you get a deep feeling you should take the long route home.  As tired as you are, you take the long way home.

    Later when you switch on the news channel, you find out that there was a horrific accident on the road you would have usually gone home on, and at the same time you would have usually been on it.

Many find that regular meditation can bring out their intuition more.  Our guided meditation is quite popular – Sleep Well Night Time – Guided Meditation

Psychic Abilities

Do you have psychic ablilities or intuitionIf you are psychic you have the ability to see past your five natural senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste senses.

Unlike intuition that comes from inside you, your psychic side comes from outside of you.

There are various types of psychic abilities.  Some psychics have more than one of the gifts below.

Clairvoyant See visions about a person or event.  These visions can be very detailed.

Clairsentience – Is  also known as Clear sensing.  Have the ability to feel the past, present and future states of the psychical and emotional of others.  This is without using the five normal senses.

For example – You may find yourself feeling deeply sad for no reason when around a certain friend/person, or feel a certain pain in your body, but when you move yourself away from the person these feelings go away.

If you have experienced this, there is a strong chance you are clairsentient, and have picked up on how they are feeling, even though you may not have been told how they feel.

Clairaudience Is also known as Psychic hearing.  Psychics with this gift hear sounds, and voices that are not able to be heard from others – not audible for others.  These voices come from outside your body.  It is believed they come from dead people.

This type of psychic is one of the most popular ones, as they can often take on the tone and certain phrases of loved ones that have passed away.

Psychic Examples:

  • You have a dream.  Everything right down to the finest detail comes true.
  • You may also experience the above with a vision when you are awake.  It’s often explained as being like watching a movie.
  • You can feel the emotions of others.
  • You see dead people and may even have conversations with them.
  • You seem to read peoples minds

Some of you may find you have a mixture of the above abilities.  Many psychics out there have more than one of the above abilities, but usually have one ability that is stronger than the rest.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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