Cows Stranded On A Landslide Island During New Zealand Earthquake

3 cows in the  small town of Kaikoura, New Zealand have miraculously survived a massive landslide caused by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Sunday night.

These clever cows seemed to know how to manouvre in the darkness as the earth moved from under them during the earthquake, and ended up perched on top of a remaining hilltop island left over from the quake.

Cow Family Stranded On Island Made From Quake

The above video footage went viral around the world, resulting in endless pleas to save the cows on the island.

Farmer Derrick Milton new shortly after the midnight quake that his cows were in trouble, but had to wait until morning to rescue them.

Cows Rescued From Island

Not knowing how stable the land was, or when another quake could hit, Derrick and a rescue team started the rescue anyway.

They used picks and shovels to dig a track up to the cows.

Due to cows not being able to cope without water for long, the task of actually bringing the cows down the track was relatively easy.

Once on safe ground the cows got their fill of water, and plenty to eat.

Derrick has said the fault line runs under his farm, and the quake lifted some of his land by 3 metres.

A lot of stock were on the land at the time of the quake, and it is still unclear how many survived.

Farmer Promises Rescued Cows
Won’t Be Going To Slaughter House


Since the rescue their owner Derrick Milton has promised these cows won’t be going to the slaughter house.  In-fact that was never a plan for them, even before the earthquake.

As reported on NewsHub, he states, “Each cow is valuable to us because it’s part of our farming business and so we don’t ever wish anything like that on a cow and just because they’ve been through an earthquake doesn’t mean to say we should do it either,” he told Newshub.

Aftershocks from the quake are still continuing, and can be felt over 120 miles north of Kaikoura.

 Featured image sourced from YouTube
Article posted 16/11/16

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