Strengths & Weaknesses for Capricorn

Capricorn Strengths Weaknesses and Characteristics

You are a Capricorn if your Birth Date

Falls on or Between:

December 22nd to January 19th


Symbol: The Goat

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Opposite Sign: Cancer

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Numbers: 2 and 8

House Ruled: Tenth House

Color: Dark Green and Brown

Keywords: I use

Lucky Gemstone: Garnet

Part of the Body Ruled by Capricorn: Bones, joints and knees

Strong Past Life Influences: Trapped in strict family situations where you were overprotected from the world

What Capricorn Needs to Learn: How to use power constructively

Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn’s have a need to be successful, powerful and accomplished.

Driven by setting goals and succeeding with them despite all odds.  Certainly not one to be afraid of doing what it takes.

You are known to work long and hard hours toward a purposeful goal.  You have a good sense of timing and organize tasks well.  Sometimes you can be too conservative.

Achievement is everything you, so you tend to take life seriously and have a low tolerance to those who do not.  At times you are so driven to succeed, you become out of touch with your personal needs.

Your ability to cut through the red tape makes you a good asset to any occupation where teamwork is valued.

With your strengths being patience, cautiousness, persistence, ambition, practicability and realistic, your success is largely accomplished through your own efforts.

You like things to be planned as you have a practical nature about you and enjoy planning things. Spontaneity is not a strong point for you.

Known to be responsible and dependable, you make a dutiful partner.  Security of a big nest egg, for financial freedom is important to you.

You like to have the best of things and appreciate luxury.  Also family orientated, but not when you feel it is unfulfilling or harmful.  Not shy to take on others problems with skill and confidence.

However you’re not so good at sharing your own problems and have a tendency to go through spells of gloominess while you dwell on them.

At times you have a tendency to be highly materialistic and self-seeking, due to you being motivated by power. Others often see you as cold, calculating and a user of others.

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