Burns: How To Soothe And Heal Burns, Sunburn With Natural Aloe vera

The inner juice from the Aloe vera plant is known as natures miracle healer for many health and skin issues, as well as being an excellent natural way to soothe and heal burns.

Whether you have spent too much time in the sun and scorched yourself, or burnt yourself on the stove,  using Aloe vera on the effected area will certainly soothe and speed up the healing process.

NOTE: If your burn(s) are severe Re: Skin is peeling off, you have a fever, or the pain is unbearable, SEEK medical attention straight away.

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The best form of aloe vera to use is directly from the plant.  Aloe vera is easy to grow and care for, and can be grown indoors – See How To Grow Aloe vera.  Some health food stores sell fresh aloe vera shoots (as seen in video below: Please also note not all aloe shoots are as large as the one shown in the video).

You can purchase aloe vera gel from various stores, but many of them have various chemicals added to them.  If you have no choice but to get a pre-made gel, make sure it is an organic one.

How to Soothe and Heal Sunburn with Natural Aloe vera

The Natural Aloe vera Plant Method

(1)  Cut the amount of aloe vera you need.  Ensure you cut off the dead/dry ends of the shoot.

(2)  Cut of the spiky jagged sides of the shoot.

(3)  Slide a sharp knife longways down the center of the shoot.

(4) Scoop out the inner gel & juice with a spoon, wash off any yellowish colored sap, and place gel into a bowl.  (The gel left inside the outer casing of the shoot can also be rubbed directly onto your burn area).

(5)  Apply the aloe vera gel to the burn area as often as needed.

(6)  Store any un-used aloe vera gel from your bowl – In an air tight container, and store inside the fridge.

When you need to use the Aloe vera from your bowl…

Never put your hands directly into the bowl, as this can spread bacteria into the remaining gel.

Use a clean spoon or spatular to scope out the amount needed.

Author Note:  From personal experience I know how effectively Aloe vera taken directly from the plant can sooth and heal a burn.  A few years ago after tripping over my dog and placing my hand on top of the enclosed fire burner surface, (to prevent myself from falling face first onto it), I burnt the under side of my left hand.  After telling a friend I had spent the night with a painful burn on my hand,  she came over and gave me a piece of aloe vera directly from the plant.  I was totally amazed!

Within seconds of applying the aloe gel   I could see parts of the burn fading away, and the pain was drastically reduced.  I kept applying the gel regularly over what was left of the burn, over the next few days while the skin was still tender to touch.  I got no scarring from the burn, and have always kept an aloe vera plant on hand since this incident – Wendee.

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Article written by Wen Dee

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