Beginners Yoga – How to Strengthen Your Core – 6min

This is part of our yoga series of yoga routines suitable for the beginner.  Beginners Yoga – How to Strengthen Your Core is an easy to do way of strengthening your mid section, including your back.

Doing regular yoga exercises you will notice surprising benefits, such as more energy, better posture, be less prone to back and neck problems, better mobility, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Why not give it a try?  Only 6 minutes long for those with a busy lifestyle.

Awaken and Strengthen Your Core


(1) Just like with any other form of physical exercise – Always check with your health care professional before starting yoga.

(2)  When doing yoga – NEVER go past the point of strain. You will feel your muscles move and stretch.  If it starts to become painful – Stop stretching so far.

Yoga was not designed to be a strenuous exercise.

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