Beauty Salon Glued Pregnant Woman’s Eyes Shut

A pregnant woman has had her eyes glued shut during a botched eye lash extension procedure at a beauty salon in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Just like in many other countries around the world, the beauty industry in New Zealand is currently unregulated – meaning beauticians don’t need to have any formal training or qualifications to work in a salon.

After her horrific experience, 24 year old Sarah Tyson is now calling for adequate regulations to be put in place to ensure only qualified beauticians can operate in salons.

During the botched eyelash extension procedure Sarah said her eyes were stinging and she couldn’t open them, and she told the beautician her eyes and nose were stinging from the chemicals used on her eyelashes.

She claims that when she told the beautician about her pain,the beautician said it was normal.

Sarah continues on  to say…

“When I couldn’t open my eyes

the lady pulled my eye lids apart with her fingers,

and when she couldn’t pull them apart with her fingers,

she cut my eye’s open with scissors”.

After this, the beautician said she was done (finished).   Sarah then told the store manager Whinnie, “This doesn’t feel right they hurt.  I would like them removed and a refund”.   The manager refused and said, “Let the glue set.  It will feel better tomorrow”.

The next day Sarah’s eye lashes were so hardened she couldn’t close her eye’s.  They started swelling and glue and puss started to come out of her tear duct.

She called the beauty salon asking to have the eyelashes removed and a refund.  The manager said no refund, and told her to come into the store tomorrow and she would see what she could do.

Unsure of what to do next Sarah took her story to a new Zealand Womens group on facebook.  Here she got the help and information she needed.

From facebook…

A lady from the online group referred me to a professional artist, who owns a at home business. This professional artist has been doing lashes for 6 year’s and is a fully trained professional eye lash master.

She was so kind to come to my house to remove the lashes.  It took her 2 hours to remove the lashes.

The glue will take a week to fully remove.  She then told me people don’t have to be licensed to put lashes on.


The professional artist then went on to tell me I either had a eye infection or there’s glue all over my eye.  She said the beauty industry in New Zealand is not closely monitored as there is not a board of any kind to regulated it.  See Full (May 2016) Facebook post by Sarah here.

Sarah is trying to raise awareness about the unregulated beauty industry, and wants everyone to know that the beautician in their salon may NOT be qualified to do the treatment you trust them to do.

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So You and your Friends Don’t Become the Next Salon Botch-up.

It is important to note that in some countries, including New Zealand, beauticians can voluntarily get registered and recognized for their skill levels – But this is voluntary and a beautician does not have to become registered.

A registered beautician is expected to meet registry standards and regulations – So next time you are at a beauty salon, CHECK the beauticians are registered before any treatment is performed.

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