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Astrology Report – Intimate Lover

Intimate Lover

Astrology reading - Intimate LoverDiscover more about the pleasure you can give and the pleasure you need to receive from a lover.

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About this Reading:

You will be amazed at how much you can learn from this special report.  This personal report gives you the confidence in your ability to make your love-making a special experience; far beyond what you believed possible.

The Sexy Side of You
Intimate Lover provides insights into your erotic nature providing an honest look at your sexuality, the way you behave towards your lover, what you need from a partner and find most exciting and important about making love.

This report also details:

  • What love making means to you
  • What you value and need most from your lover
  • The way you ‘perform’ and react to your lover
  • Thoughts and self-expression when making love
  • The driving force of your sexuality
  • Your capacity and desire for lovemaking

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