Ask a Psychic – Yes or No?

Many of us at some stage have wanted to ask a psychic for guidance, but wondered how genuine psychics really are.  There are many genuine psychics out there – but like any service – there are those that scam.

Here we cover:

  • What to do before your reading
  • What to expect from a psychic reading.
  • How to tell if a psychic is genuine.
  • How to tell if a psychic is likely to be fake
  • Try before you buy – Test a psychic first.

What to do Before your Reading

It can be quite exciting or emotional when you have a reading. Especially if its your first reading.

  • Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down answers you get.
  • Have any questions you want to ask written down first.
  • Make sure your first question is “What do you pick up about me?”
  • Or “What do you see going on around me at the moment?” OR “Am I on track in my life?”
  • If the psychic asks you a question to enable him/her to answer your questions – be brief in your replies so the psychic doesn’t base your reading on mere observations based on what you say.
  • Or you could choose to sit back and let the the psychic talk.


What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

There are four main psychic senses that psychics use to gain information/messages and guidance from our Higher Self – also known as spirit, guides or other dimensions.
These senses are:
  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling) 
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Through this,  messages may also come from the deceased – known as mediumship. Often when this happens the psychic takes on exact phrases a deceased person may have used and/or the same or similar voice tone.

Some physics use  tarot card, angel cards, oracle cards or a crystal ball as tools to help them in the reading.


How to Tell if a Psychic is Genuine

A genuine psychic should…
  • Present information in a detailed manor, that generally, only you the client would know.
  • Doesn’t ask you many questions or expect you to give excessive details.

Sometimes psychics are given messages that could be interpreted in   more than one way.  On  occasions like this it isn’t unusual for a psychic to ask you for clarification, Eg: (Psychic) “I’m  getting two names of Mary and I’m being told both are your mother. Do you have a step mother called Mary too?”  (You) “Yes.”

  • The reading should be empowering to you.
  • The reader should have good reviews
  • If a psychic has been referred to you by word of mouth – this is a good sign of a genuine psychic

Like any other talent/profession – each psychic has their own strengths and weaknesses

  • A good psychic will point out their strengths, weaknesses and how they get their messages to you if necessary.

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  • Some information may not be knowable or obtainable at the time of your reading.  (Life is all about timing – if you are meant to know something, it will be shown to you in some form).
  • If you ask a psychic medium for a message from a pacific, deceased loved one and nothing comes through – it doesn’t necessarily mean the psychic is scamming you.

    It may simply be that the deceased loved one is not ready to give a message or isn’t connecting with the energies of the psychic, to receive it.  A bit like calling on a telephone.  If no one answers the call – you won’t get an answer.

  • Predictions of days, times, months – Although many psychics may give times of when something is going to happen, focusing on when something will happen can confuse and stop you from making the right choices and flowing on your path.
  • Always keep in mind that we are  here on earth for a specific purpose/life purpose.  Our lives are a mixture of disappointments, learning and fulfillment.  Our life takes its own course depending on choices/decisions we make, and the consequences of them.

How to Tell if a Psychic is Likely to be Fake

Sadly just like any other service/profession there are fakes/scammers in the psychic world too.

  • You are asked an excessive amount of questions.  This can lead to a session based on practical advice – not psychic connection guidance.

    This is also known as a technique of cold reading.  Cold readers commonly employ high probability guesses about the subject,  using common sense things to relate to what you are telling them.

    Quickly picking up on signals from their subjects as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not. People fall for it because it does match how they feel.  See an example of a cold reading here

  • During a reading – you hear a lot of background noise, the psychic is eating, yawning, disinterested or you can hear them busy doing other activities.
  • The psychic performs the reading while having a bad cold or flu.  Like any of us – when we have a cold or flu we don’t perform to the same high quality in our work/service.  Psychics use a lot of energy when doing a reading and shouldn’t be performing readings while sick.
  • They ask for your social security number or other sensitive financial information.
  • If you have a bad feeling about your psychic – go by it.  Its is always best to go by your own gut feelings/intuition.
  • Tells you someone has put a curse on you OR there is a negative block on you – Which only they can remove for some exorbitant price.  Stop the reading straight away!


Try Before you Buy – Test a Psychic First

These days many genuine psychics offer a free reading/chat (for a limited amount of minutes) so you can judge whether the psychic seems genuine, if you have a good connection with the psychic and how comfortable you feel about continuing into a full paid reading.
Some psychic providers also offer live online readings so you can  see them during the reading.  View example here
End Note: Don’t live your life solely based on what a psychic tells you.  If you do this, it will stop you from making the right choices and flowing on your path, as well as altering future events.   The guidance a psychic gives you can be very beneficial,uplifting and help you in your decision making in a logical way.

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