Are You Bugging Your Home Without Knowing It?

Hidden Spy-chips in your Home – Is your Home Bugged?

(This may sound Far-fetched – BUT- Science fiction is NO Longer fiction)

Advancing technologies such as the RFID microchip are making this easily possible.  Most people today are aware that items such as bank cards/records, medical records, passports, driver licenses, elderly people, Alzheimer patients, pets, cell phones etc are embedded with the microchips.

All these items can also be interlinked with each other within the RFID networks.

The microchip is often smaller than a grain of rice and operates like a computer, receiving/sending/storing data, recording in real time, tracking and used for many medical applications including medicine delivery, enabling deaf people to hear, paraplegics to move limbs and organ monitoring.

These tiny chips can communicate from a remote source within the wireless networks such as Wifi, satellite, cell towers etc.

Many technologies today are embedded with tiny microchips that communicate through these wireless networks. These technologies are around us all the time – When out and about – In the work place & in the home environment.

We don’t usually look at our electronics in the home and think of whats inside it. Our main concern is that the item works. But the day has come to take notice of the advancing list of technologies embedded with RFID chips and the growing list of capabilities these chips have.


Microchips Everywhere – A Future Vision

Are you unintentionally bugging your own home without knowing it?Microchips with antennas will be embedded in virtually everything you buy, wear, drive and read, allowing retailers and law enforcement to track consumer items and consumers wherever they go – from a distance.

A seamless, global network of electronic “sniffers” will scan radio tags in myriad public settings, identifying people and their tastes instantly so that customized ads, “live spam,” may be beamed at them.

In “Smart Homes,” sensors built into walls, floors and appliances will record eating habits, monitor medicine cabinets, all the while, silently reporting data to marketers eager for a peek into the occupants’ private lives… More
We are told that the RFID technologies are for our own benefits. And they certainly can be…
BUT the Abuses Attached are Huge… 
  • Many freedoms & privacies of citizens are being lost due to many governments across the world continuing to change legislation – enabling exchange of information within departments, to private organisations and is not limited to just within your country.

    It can also be shared or accessed by foreign countries – often without the consent or knowledge of the individual – YOU.

This relates to…

  • Any data held about you on electronic files – eg: Medical records, Bank details, Credit card information & any records about you within any government department.
  • Any information you give in any computer, phone app  based searches is monitored and stored.
  • Everything you do on social networking sites is monitored & stored.
  • Emails and text messages are monitored stored and can be intercepted.
  • Informations & conversations on many internet based call programmes is monitored, recorded, stored.
It is also CHILLING… 
When we see that trusted departments are breaking the rules. One example here: NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds… 
The NSA audit obtained by The Post, dated May 2012, counted 2,776 incidents in the preceding 12 months of unauthorized collection, storage, access to or distribution of legally protected communications. Washington Post article

Basic overview of RFID: There are many different types of radio frequency identification technologies. This article explains the difference between active and passive tags and between low, high and ultra-high frequency systems… More here.


RFID embedded items can Track and/or Record Movements

One of the most frequently voiced concerns about RFID technology involves its use in the commercial context. Most consumer products today are embedded with RFID tags/components which constitutes its most widespread usage and therefore affects the largest number of people.

  • Tracking your moves – RFID opponents argue that extensive commercial use could “create a total surveillance world” by using RFID tags on items purchased by consumers to track citizens anywhere in the country.
  • RFID tags are attached to consumer goods such as clothing or shoes – enables wearers to be tracked everywhere they go.
  • Another concern is that if all the items in citizens’ homes have RFID tags, then a person passing by, whether a potential criminal or a police officer, could point an RFID reader into the home and learn the contents of the home.
  • Tracked by cell phone technology – One example – Broadcom has just rolled out a chip for smart phones that promises to indicate location ultra-precisely, possibly within a few centimeters, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out… More  


The MicroChip Invasion, Spy Chips in your Home

  • The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will ‘transform’ surveillance

When people download a film from Netflix to a flat-screen, or turn on web radio, they could be alerting unwanted watchers to exactly what they are doing and where they are.  Spies will no longer have to plant bugs in your home – the rise of ‘connected’ gadgets controlled by apps will mean that people are actually bugging their own homes without knowing it, says CIA director David Petraeus.
Petraeus was speaking to a venture capital firm about new technologies which aim to add processors and web connections to previously  ‘dumb’ home appliances such as fridges, ovens and lighting systems.
This week, one of the world’s biggest chip companies, ARM, has unveiled a new processor built to work inside ‘connected’ white goods. The CIA claims it will be able to ‘read’ these devices via the internet (incl movie provider sites, radio sites) – and perhaps even via radio waves from outside the home… More 
  • Is your Television watching YOU? Smart TVs can Spy on their Owners

A security firm has discovered a glitch in Samsung’s Smart TV that “can give hackers access to the device’s built-in camera and microphones, allowing them to watch everything you do,” reported recently.

The security firm said owners of any of the plasma 8000 series, the 7500 LED LCD series, the 8000 LED LCD series or the 9000 LED LCD series should seriously consider keeping all personal data off their TVs and then be careful about what is said or done in the presence of the TV… More
  • NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls

National Security Agency discloses in secret Capitol Hill briefing that thousands of analysts can listen to domestic phone calls. That authorization appears to extend to e-mail and text messages too.

The National Security Agency has acknowledged in a new classified briefing that it does not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls, a participant in the briefing said. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, disclosed on Thursday that during a secret briefing to members of Congress, he was told that the contents of a phone call could be accessed “simply based on an analyst deciding that.” More
  • DHS Looks to Spy on Video Game Consoles in Search of Pedophiles, Terrorists

The government is more concerned with the platforms rather than the games themselves, mainly because newer systems like Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 allow users to communicate with one another via messaging and chat systems.

Gamers may want to be careful about what they say when jumping onto their consoles for an innocent bout of slaying dragons or killing zombies — the government will be watching… More
  • That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker

THE device in your purse or jeans that you think is a cellphone — guess again. It is a tracking device that happens to make calls. Thanks to the explosion of GPS technology and smartphone apps, these devices are also taking note of:

What we buy

  •         Where and when we buy it
  •         How much money we have in the bank
  •         Whom we text and e-mail
  •         What Web sites we visit
  •         How and where we travel
  •         What time we go to sleep and wake up — and more.
 Much of that data is shared with companies that use it to offer us services they think we want… More
  • Tracking Junior With a Microchip

Solusat, the Mexican distributor of the VeriChip — a rice-size microchip that is injected beneath the skin and transmits a 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal — is marketing the device as an emergency ID under its new VeriKid program.
My big concern is that kidnappers will simply use ‘high-tech’ tools like knives to get rid of them,” said Lauren Weinstein, creator of the Privacy Forum, an online digest related to privacy and technology issues.  … More


Linking the Human Brain to Computer Technology is…

No Longer Science Fiction!

These micorchip technologies with all the above risks are already being implanted into the human body for various medical reasons. Even though it’s well known that adequate safety and security issues haven’t been addressed properly. There is also talk of RFID implantation being made mandatory for every Man – Woman & Child.

President Obama has approved and is putting approximately $100,000,000 budget for scientists such as National Institute of Health,  Private organisations & DARPA – (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (a military division that has already done extensive research into the human brain way beyond that of the open science world) to get an understanding of the  human brain, how the brain records, processes, uses, stores & retrieves vast quantities of information by interfacing the brain with computer technologies eg: neuro engineering where computers can read our thoughts, encode memory and much more.

Please NOTE: When something starts in the U.S – It doesn’t take long for other countries to follow suit.

Article written by Wen Dee

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