Are E-cigarettes Less Addictive Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

There seems to be much debate on whether E-cigarettes are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. The answer really comes down to ‘Who you ask’.

While it can’t be determined if e-cigarettes are completely safe yet, many researchers agree that the e-cigarette contains far less of the harmful chemical additives known to cause various cancers and illnesses than what is found in the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine and various chemical agents to make the cigarette taste nice and to keep the smoker hooked.  Most E-cigarettes contain e-liquid with ingredients of…

  • Nicotine (some e-liquids do not contain nicotine)
  • Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin
  • Flavorings
It appears e-cigarettes are less additive than tobacco cigarettesWith nicotine being the addictive agent in the e-cigarette and the uncertainty of the health effects of an e-cig, most countries continue to stop the e-cig being promoted, or approved as a quit smoking aid.
One thing that is definite – Is the sales of E-cigarettes are multiplying rapidly and many gurus are predicting a continuing drop in traditional tobacco cigarette sales.
By just doing a quick search on the internet one can quickly see why.

Many ex-smokers state how they have tried traditional smoking cessation products and have failed to quit smoking, but have been able to quit traditional tobacco smoking (usually quite quickly) when switching to the (vaping) with an e-cigarette.

While many admit they chose the e-cig with the nicotine included, they don’t feel as addicted as they were on traditional cigarettes.

Study Finds E-cigarettes are Less Addictive than…

Tobacco Cigarettes

In a recent study done (December 2014) at Penn State college of medicine, with participation from other university researchers, results have shown that E-cigarette smoking (also known as vaping) is less addictive than traditional tobacco cigarettes.


  • More than 3,500 current long-term users of e-cigs who were ex-cigarette smokers completed the Penn State Cigarette Dependence Index and the Penn State Electronic Cigarette Dependence Index (online surveys), to access their previous dependance on traditional cigarettes and their dependence on e-cigarettes.
  • Consumers that had used e-cigs for a long period of time were more addicted than those that had only used them for a short amount of time, but still had a lower dependence than they did when smoking cigarettes.

The researchers also mention that although the long-term health data of using the e-cigarette is not available yet – the e-cigarette has far less toxins and is less addictive.

It was also noted that while the e-cigarette has the good potential for helping many to quit smoking, it also has potential health risks.


Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? BBC News

April 2014

End Note:  As the debate about electronic cigarettes being approved as a smoking cessation product continues,  the reflection that many Ex smokers whom have had no success with the approved cessation products such as, gum and patches etc, but have had rapid success quitting the more harmful traditional cigarettes when switching to e-cigarettes confirms the validity of the e-cigarette being of some benefit.

It is also interesting to note that many doctors are advising their patients to try the e-cigarette when other quit smoking methods have not worked.


Article written by Wen Dee: Google +

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