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We often get run down, brain fogginess and aches and pains through out the body no matter how good we are with exercise, diet & rest.  One of the reasons for this is the Lymphatic system may well be blocked.

Most of us think of the Lymph system as only the Lymph nodes when in-fact the lymphatic system is much more complex than just the nodes.

The lymphatic system is vital for both detoxification and the immune system. If it is not working properly, many illnesses can develop.

The methods in the do-it-yourself lymphatic massage below are not only good for relieving brain fog, aches/pains in the muscles and body, it is also good for clearing pressure in the face caused by a clogged sinus.

Lymphatic Drainage is Crucial for Good Health




The Lymphatic system is a finally tuned circulatory system that…

  • Is twice the size of the blood circulatory system.
  • Has twice as many lymph vessels than blood vessels.
  • Holds twice as much fluid (lymph pale fluid).
  • Plays a major part of the immune system.
  • Is filled with millions of one-way valves, which allows lymph fluid to flow in one direction – usually towards your collar bone area.

The lymphatic system has its own:

  • Fluid – Lymph fluid
  • Pumping system
  • Lymph vessels
  • Valves
  • Lymph ducts


While the blood circulatory system delivers oxygen & nutrients to the cells, the lymphatic system carries toxins, waste & infection through the body and disposes it through the bladder, lungs, nasal passages and/or the skin.

The lymphatic system is not connected to the heart, so it has to rely upon some other activity to create the necessary pumping action it needs to circulate.

The movement of the lymph fluid moves with low pressure due to functions such as peristalsis, valves, and the milking action of skeletal muscles. Lymph fluid only ever travels in one direction – Toward the collar bone area.


A Healthy Lymphatic System:

  • Carries the waste from our cells and deals with many infections before they manifest and escalate into various illnesses.
  • Removes excess fluids from body tissues.
  • Absorbs fatty acids and subsequently transports fat as chyle to the circulatory system.
  • Energizes the body
  • Enhances relaxation

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Lymphatic System
Can cause:

  • You feel off beat, drained a lot
  • Pains in various body parts
  • Aching & strained muscles for no apparent reason
  • Brain fog, poor concentration
  • Pressure, heaviness in various body parts
  • High cholesterol
  • Persisting headaches
  • Energy loss
  • Constant colds & flu
  • Constipation

    • Recurring sore throats, tonsillitis
    • Recurring infections
    • Allergic reactions
    • Swollen glands
    • Clothing is suddenly tight – but you haven’t gained weight
    • Sensitive to heat
  • Please also note: Lymphatic Drainage is also good for those with:

    • Electro – Sensitivity – Also known as Electromagnetic/electro Hypersensitivity (EHS)  & Electrical Sensitivity (ES)

    Demonstration of the Lymphatic Drainage Massage


    This type of massage is not the same as traditional massage as the movements are specifically designed to increase the flow of lymph.
    Manual lymph drainage is a gentle technique as too much pressure on the lymph nodes can cause thickening.
    If you have any of these Conditions or Problems…
    (Consult your physician before doing the massage)  
      1: Fever, acute infection, early onset inflammatory disease. You need to wait until the acute phase is over and the fever is broken.
      2: Circulatory system problems, especially thrombosis. If there is any risk of embolism of phlebitis, do not use LDM and see your physician immediately.
      3: Cardiac issues such as heart disease, acute angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis (heart attack). Using LDM increases the fluid load on the heart, and compromised cardiac systems should not be subjected to LDM.
      4: Active bleeding, internal or external
      5: Active malignant cancers, undiagnosed lumps, or tumors whose origins have not been                   determined by your physician
      6: High risk pregnancy or late term pregnancy with complications
      7: If you have Lymphedema – Signs you may have Lymphedema:
      • Tissue/skin is no longer soft to touch – limbs increase in size. (a sign of fibrosis beginning to form
      • Lymph vessel or nodes removed surgically
    • Born without lymph vessels or lymph nodes.

    Lymphedema in people at risk – May not develop the condition immediately, but develop the condition in weeks, months, or even years later.

    Aircraft travel has been linked to the development of lymphedema in patients after cancer surgery, possibly due to the decreased cabin pressure.  More about Lymphedema

    Tips When Doing The Lymphatic Massage

    (Be sure NOT TO apply too much pressure when doing this technique) 
    • Manual lymph drainage is a gentle technique  – NOTE: Too much pressure on the lymph nodes can cause thickening.
    • Apply the massage slowly.
    • Performing the lymph massage in the bath or shower is a good routine to get into.

    Lymph Massage for Head – Ears – Neck


    Lymph Massage for Most Body parts


    • For some – The beginning stages of the body detoxing (while removing excessive toxins via lymph massage), can create flu type symptoms.   This often subsides as the bulk of the toxins leave your body. Performing a lymph massage regularly stops this after effect.
    • Drink plenty of water after your massage.  As this speeds up the toxin removal process.
    • Regular exercise also helps the lymph fluid to continue to flow.
    Signs the Lymph fluid is moving:

    • Feeling a change in pressure in your head.
    • Ears draining.
    • Nose starting to run.

    • Tickle in the back of your throat.
    • Needing to swallow as drainage starts to flow.
    • Ears popping or sound changes volume.

    Article written by Wen Dee

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