Zip Zap Insights has been created to bring awareness. This awareness includes self awareness, self empowerment, and awareness of various issues that we feel you might be interested in.

  • Self Empowerment Tips that may help you with what life throws at you.  Becoming aware of your spiritual side (psychic abilities) with helpful articles on spiritual development.  Astrology readings, Tarot, Horoscopes for those seeking more insight. 
  • Health & Well being – Various health topics
  • Various issues that mainstream media don’t fully report on – Although our news isn’t always new news, it is often news that is NOT publicized fully or publicized globally.

Now and again we will include various deals we see that may interest you.  And yes, we also have a horoscope page for you to see what the stars have in store for you.

Founder and writer Wen Dee is an open minded writer, with a passion for writing in a straight up, informative and easy to understand style. Often creating content that includes unexpected topics that many readers don’t see on mainstream media, as well as topics of a sensitive nature which usually includes, health issues and anything else that may be a benefit to our readers.