7 Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathroom can be a tedious job, one that most of us dread doing, especially those that live with flatmates. If you are someone that suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity (are sensitive to chemicals), the cleaning remedies below are made with natural products.

If you are chemically sensitive be sure to use organic products for the remedies below.  As with any other type of cleaning, always wear gloves.

Mirrors and Glass:

You will need black tea bags, hot water, a funnel, a glass to brew it in, a spray bottle and newspaper.

(1)  Brew 3 x black teabags in an 8oz glass.

(2)  Once this brew is a strong color and has cooled down,  funnel it into a spray bottle.

(3)  Spray on mirrors or glass and rub off with scrunched up newspaper.

This process may need to be done 2-3 times.

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Soap scum and Grime in the Shower:

You will need a dish wand, liquid soap and distilled white vinegar.

(1)  Fill the dish wand with half vinegar and half liquid soap – Shake the wand to mix the liquid.

(2)  Now scrub the shower.

(3)  Rinse.

Water Stains on Fixtures – eg: Metal taps

You will need a fresh lemon.

(1)  Cut the lemon in half.

(2)  Now rub the lemon onto the fixtures.

(3)  Wipe off withe a damp cloth.

The acid in the lemon breaks down the water stains, and at the same time is not harsh on your hands.

If you have tougher stains

Place wash clothes around the fixtures,   pour some distilled white vinegar onto the clothes so they are thoroughly wet. Leave on for at least 30 minutes.   For the hard to reach areas pour some distilled white vinegar on, and scrub with a tooth brush.

Ceramic Soap Dispenser or Toothbrush Holder:

A simple trick to clean these items is to place them in the dishwasher for a clean, next time you do a load.

The Toilet:

You will need distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle, a toilet brush scrubber, an old tooth brush and toilet paper.

(1)  Pour some vinegar into the cistern.

(2)  Put some vinegar into the spray bottle, and spray the rims of the toilet and wipe down.

(3)  Soak some toilet paper in the vinegar, and stuff the toilet paper up inside the rim of the toilet.  Leave it sitting there while you do the next step.

(4)  Tip some vinegar into the toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush.

(5)  Remove the toilet paper from the rims of the toilet bowl, and scrub up under the rim with the tooth brush.

(6)  Flush the toilet to rinse.

Using distilled white vinegar is an Eco friendly method that kills bacteria, germs, mold and lime build up.

The Toilet Brush:

Most people forget to clean the toilet brush, that often ends up getting smelly.

(1)  Tip some household cleaner into the toilet brush holder, enough to cover the toilet brush, (but without the liquid over flowing onto the floor).  Change this cleaning liquid every few weeks or each time you clean the toilet.  If you don’t have an organic general cleaner – See  Eco friendly organic general household cleaner.

The Clothes Dryer:

You will need your vacuum cleaner, scissors, wide sellotape,  and a cardboard inner roll from a towel roll (also known as disposable paper towels).

Many people have a clothes dryer in the bathroom.  It is important to clean the vent in your dryer regularly.  Clogged clothes dryer vents cause many fires each year.  One easy way to clean the vents…

(1)  Put a 2-3cm cut (down ways) at one end of the cardboard roll.

(2)  Remove the extensions off your vacuum cleaner hose.

(3)  Place the cut end of the cardboard roll onto the shortened vacuum cleaner hose, and apply the tape to keep it in place.

(4)  Now vacuum your vents.

This method will increase the vacuum cleaner’s sucking power, enabling you to remove the fluff from the hard to get areas.

Article written by Wen Dee

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