4 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress Easily And Quickly

Have you got too much drama and negativity going in your life? Another words a lot of stress.  Check out these effective ways to relieve stress quickly and easily.

Just living an average day to day life can bring it’s fair share of stress into your life.  Just thinking about whats in the future can cause stress.

Some people are even afraid to be relaxed, worried they won’t be as effective at work if they are relaxed, or think it will be boring.

Popular Psychologist Doreen Virtue confirms many studies show that people that de-stress their lives, live a more effective life, are more productive, and they get more done.

Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of – when it comes to relieving the stress in your life.

Doreen shares 4 proven strategies that worked for her, and have also been proven in scientific literature.

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”p { color: #990000; }”]THE FOUR EFFECTIVE WAYS TO DE-STRESS[/su_heading]

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(1)  Essential oils Especially Lavender in an organic form or the real flower.  Inhaling lavender can give an instant calming effect.  Spraying a little of this wonder oil onto your pillow or sheets will give you a better sleep.

(2)  Play soft Meditative Music This relaxing music, or in some cases nature type, spa type, yoga type music can give a calming peaceful effect.

If you listen to heart pounding, activating music such as heavy metal, rock, upbeat music – it actually increases your perception of stress.  So save this type of music for when there is no stress, or for when you want to party.

Even sitting there in silence or listening to the News can increase your perception of stress If you don’t have any calming music at hand – There are plenty of online radio stations for meditation, and you tube channels that offer this.

(3)  Do Gentle Yoga (Also known as Restorative yoga) This doesn’t mean you have to go out to a fast,  high level, long drawn out yoga class.  There are plenty online that are a short duration so it will fit into your time schedule, with slow and easy movements for your yoga level.

Doing yoga at home is especially good for those of you that feel anxious or stressed around others.

The benefits of yoga are endless – It can reduce stress, anxiety, weight, and inner safety issues.  The more you do it the better the results.

If you would like to try this type of easy yoga SEE: Gentle Guided 10 min Yoga

(4)  Diaphragm/Belly Breathing This one you can do any where, at work, when out and about or while watching television.

Put your hand on your belly.

Take a deep breath in.  As you do this – let your belly expand.

Then release exhale – let your breath out.

The bigger your belly gets when you breath in, the more oxygen you are getting.  When you exhale,  your body is not only going to become more relaxed, toxins are also released through this process.

Repeat the deep breathing regularly.  The more you do it, the better the results.

Doreen Virtue has many more helpful techniques on how to break free from trauma, and negativity in her online video course.  To learn more about her course see Drama Detox Online Course

For more Tips on applying this breathing technique SEE:  How To Breath Correctly

Article written by Wen Dee

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