16 Signs Electronic Devices Are Making You Sick

If you have been feeling run down a lot for no apparent reason and seem to be getting increasingly worse, yet your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you, it is time to look at what is around you that could be making you sick.

One growing health problem that you may not have heard of, and most doctors are not taught about, is the link to electronic devices (technologies) and your health.  It is possible that your electronic devices are making you sick.

Common symptoms for those sensitive to electronic devicesThe health condition that could be causing your ill health is called electrosensitivity – (also known as electro-hyper sensitivity – EHS).   Anyone can get this condition.

Some people suddenly get it, while others notice a gradual decline in their health.  Electro-senstivity is not a disease and isn’t contagious.

Electrosensitivity is caused from exposure to (EMF’s) electromagnetic (radiation) frequencies, also known as microwave/radio frequency fields, that are generated by electrical technologies and wireless systems in our homes and environments today.

16 Common Signs You May Be Electro-sensitive

You may experience the symptoms most of the time or on and off randomly.

  • HeadachesAn increasing amount of headaches.  This includes migraines and a feeling of pressure in the head – often referred to as brain fog.
  • Sore eyesYour eyes are getting sore a lot and often feel strained. This can include a burning feeling, dry eyes, a gritty feeling or smarting – blinking your eyes a lot more than usual.
  • Dizziness Feel dizzy or light headed a lot for no apparent reason.
  • Blurred vision Your vision becomes blurry – randomly.  This blurriness is often on and off.
  • Cold & Flu Symptoms you are getting a cold or flu, but you haven’t actually got a cold or the flu.  This can include feeling feverish, nasal congestion and having to clear your throat a lot.
  • Fatigue Getting extremely tired or feel drained a lot, usually for no apparent reason.
  • Heart palpitationsYour heart rate may suddenly speed up or slow down, even when you are resting.  This can include pain or pressure in the chest, shortness of breath and sudden changes in blood pressure.  NOTE: If you have these symptoms see a medical health care professional urgently, to diagnose and treat or rule out any underlying heart problems you may have.
  • High blood pressure Your blood pressure seems to rise for no apparent reason.
  • Low concentrationRegularly finding it hard to concentrate.  Concentration levels aren’t what they used to be.
  • Short term memory problemsMemory recall not what it used to be.  You may find you are having a conversation and suddenly your mind goes blank and you can’t complete the conversation.  Making notes for your self can help to jog your memory, especially if you are at an important appointment or taking part in a meeting.
  • Confusion Randomly you may feel a little confused particularly if you are in a hurry – eg: You are putting your groceries away and you later realize you have put the shampoo in the fridge instead of in the bathroom.
  • Depression, moodiness, restlessness for no apparent reason.  Suddenly you may feel very sad for no apparent reason or agitated.
  • Anxiety You find yourself feeling anxious a lot, but have never had a problem with anxiety in the past.
  • Sleep disturbanceTrouble sleeping or waking up a lot during the night.
  • Weak muscles/muscle spasms/numbingMuscles can suddenly feel weak – eg: you may suddenly feel you have over exerted your muscles when you haven’t done much physical activity.  This can include muscle strain, muscle spasms, shakiness and cramp.  Limbs can suddenly feel numb for no apparent reason.  This simple method helps to relieve Aches, Pains & Brain Fog
  • Rashes Rashes on various parts of your body.  These can come and go and can have a burning sensation.

If you are experiencing 3 or more of the above symptoms above and you doctor is telling you there is nothing wrong with you, you may well be electro-sensitive.

Start taking note of when you feel the effects the most, and how many electronic devices are around you in your daily routine, and in your home.

Try to limit your usage on electronic devices, move any wireless devices out of the rooms you spend the most time in, particularly the bedroom you sleep in, to see if you notice a difference in your health.

The only way to fully eliminate the effects of electro-sensitivity is to keep away from as many wireless electronics as possible.  Wireless technology is increasing, so limiting your exposure or usage of devices is crucial.


Common Wireless Devices in your Daily Routine
That may be Causing your…
Electrosensitivity Effects are WIRELESS:-

It is important to note that wireless technologies are often referred to as WIFI technologies.

  • Computers
  • I-pads
  • Cellphones
  • Tablet (electronic)
  • Wireless land line phones
  • Routers
  • Baby monitors
  • GPS systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Clocks
  • Wearable devices such as internet connected sports monitoring devices, health monitoring devices, wearable glasses and watches.

If you are not near the above devices in your day to day life, other technologies to look at are Smart meters.  If you have just moved into a home that has a smart meter installed and have become ill, try staying somewhere else without a smart meter for a week or so to see if your symptoms ease or cease.

If you live in a built up area there could also be cell towers near by.  Apartment buildings, some schools, hospitals and office blocks often have many cell towers on their roofs emitting radio frequency 24/7.

Shopping centers/malls are full of radio frequency waves emitting from technologies used on the premises as well as from all the cell phones other shoppers are carrying.

For a more extensive look at electro-sensitivity see – A Look at Electrosensitivity

Article written by Wen Dee

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